Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ Controller Beta Map For PCDJ DEX 3 Released

Last week we launched the DEX 3 DJ software map for the DDJ-SX, one of the most popular and advanced all-in-one DJ controllers on the market.     Today we’re following that up with a beta MAP release for the Pioneer DDJ-SR, the entirely capable little brother to the flagship DDJ-SX.

The Pioneer DDJ-SR is a compact, pro DJ Controller that falls right in line with the Pioneer DDJ controller range as a trimmed down two-deck version of the DDJ-SX.  The new Pioneer DDJ-SR has a smaller footprint than the DDJ-SX and adds a new PAD PLUS button that gives the 16-performance pads.   The price is right for most DJs that don’t need the 4 deck control the DDJ-SX offers, with most online DJ shops offering it for only $599.99.

After mapping and using the controller for a few weeks now, it’s definitely one of our favorite controllers to use with our best DJ software, DEX 3.    It’s constructed well, which shouldn’t be a surprise coming from Pioneer DJ, and offers the same or more than other similarly priced DJ controllers.   A great fit for any DJ that uses more of the performance oriented features of DEX 3: scratching, triggering hot cues, looping, etc.   It looks fantastic, too.



IMPORTANT: For the beta MAP of the DDJ-SR, you must delete the WEGO map in the DEX 3 program file folder (package contents on mac) in order to properly use the DDJ-SR Map.  To delete go to Program Files (x86) -> PCDJ -> DEX3 -> Controllers.  Delete the Pioneer WeGo Map file from that folder.  On a MAC, delete the WeGo map file from Package Contents.

Additionally you must change the Pioneer DDJ-SR to GENERAL DJ APPLICATION MODE in it’s utility mode before you can use this map:


Press and hold the left”SHIFT”+”PLAY/PAUSE”buttons, then Power-ON.

During this mode, the double “PLAY/PAUSE” LED are lit.

When entered this mode, the current setting is displayed first a teach LED.

⇒ Power-ON


( the left side)

1-2. General DJ application mode setting (for DEX 3)

This function is necessary to control DEX 3. Behaviors of the following functions of the controller should be changed depending on whether DEX 3 is on or off.


(2) DECK change

(3) Slip Mode Flushing

(4) Channel Level Meter

(5) Play/Pause MIDI Switching

(6) Synchronization of the knobs and faders

(7) Synchronization of the LED States

(8) Velocity Mode and Channel Fader Start

(9) Extra PAD Mode

(10) Load Illumination

(11) FX assign


For more details about this function,refer to“DDJ-SR_Systemfunctionspecification.pdf” document. This setting is common to both decks.


On   :General DJ application mode is”On” (FOR DEX 3)

Off   :General DJ application mode is”Off”


Factory default setting: Off


Setting information is displayed at the left “KEYLOCK” LED.

Every time “KEY LOCK” button is pressed, the setting is changed cyclically.

On: LED is lit

Off : LED is turned off