PCDJ Year In Review | 2019

PCDJ 2019

20+ years in and we’re still having too much fun!

2019 marked our 20 year anniversary as a pioneer in the DJ software and karaoke software space. I personally started with PCDJ (then known as Visiosonic) as a fresh faced DJ at the age of only 22. I fondly recall those early days, when we launched the worlds-first commercially sold DJ software in the 1200sl, created the first professional DJ controller (DMC-1) with Numark, and unwaveringly lead the charge for the digital DJ revolution. It wasn’t always easy (“DJs will never use computers because they crash!”), but our passion for music, performing, and the DJ industry kept us fueled and full steam ahead.

Here we are in 2020 and our passion for creating awesome products DJs and KJs can rely for their livelihood is still coursing through our veins. As the old adage goes, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I can’t fib, some days it’s a grind, and indeed ‘work’, but the payoff is always worth extra hour of effort applied. .

It’s been a great year for PCDJ product updates and new partnerships with amazing people and companies. We’re incredibly happy to have you along for the ride. It’s you after all, the longtime vested PCDJ veteran and the new customer that trust us for their DJ and karaoke software needs, that inspire and drive us to do innovate and excel.

At the conclusion of each year we take a look back at he milestones and accomplishments attained for our DJ software and karaoke software lineup. Here’s how 2019 went for PCDJ:

2019 PCDJ Milestones

  • DEX 3 was added to the Microsoft store.
  • Added DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE plug-and-play support for the Denon MCX8000 and Reloop Touch, as well as improved support for various other supported DJ Controllers.
  • SoundCloud Go+ Support was added to DEX 3, allowing DEX 3 customers to access and stream SoundCloud’s full catalog of 200+ million premium and underground tracks from within the file browser.
  • Improved DEX 3 support for the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription service, providing lightning-quick streaming of their 18,000 song (and growing) karaoke library.
  • Various other DEX 3 updates were launched to improve DEX 3’s karaoke capabilities, such as managed singer rotation, automatic filler music player, ability to apply key changes when adding songs to rotation, and more.
  • Released LYRX (Karaoke Software) for Windows after it became one of our most popular products on the MAC.
  • Released LYRX 1.5 with various new features included automatic key detection, Learn (for mapping shortcuts), Easy “singer search”, key control when adding singers/songs to rotation, and more.
  • Partnered with BPM Supreme to offer PCDJ news through their new BPM mobile app.
  • Introduced AmeriTone Play-A-Tab Guitar Karaoke & Lightning Round Karaoke 50-Song Download Packs.
  • Began development with new partners of new features and services that will kick off in early 2020.

With 2019 in the books we’re anxiously looking forward to building on our momentum in 2020. New features, new services, and a whole lotta NEW is on the way for our software lineup and company profile. Stay tuned in, and enjoy the ride!