PCDJ Year 2016 In Review

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A look back at PCDJ’s 2016

When you’re surrounded by a great group of teammates with the same vision and many years of experience in the live performance software field it’s no surprise when you exceed many of your goals and expectations for the year.

2016 was year number 17 for PCDJ and a productive one at that. At the conclusion of each year we take a look back at some of the milestones and accomplishments attained for the PCDJ DJ software and karaoke software brand. Without further ado I’ll present you with the 2016 edition. Be on the lookout for a post next week with an in-depth look at our goals for 2017!

PCDJ Highlights From 2016

DJ Software and Video Mixing Software Improvements

  • Upgraded and released versions 3.6 through of DEX 3
  • Introduced the video link feature that, when enabled, allows for video loops/clips to be displayed on the mixed video output screen when only mixing audio tracks.
  • The new text, image and video overlay feature allows DJs and VJs to create stunning, multilayered overlays to display on the mixed video output. Use this feature to show your logo, or truly anything you can dream up.
  • Released a revamped DJ controller detection protocol that allows for real-time detection of DJ controllers, even while mixing. DJs can also use up to 8 DJ controller simultaneously, with zero-configure support.
  • Added support for 10 DJ controllers from some of the biggest DJ equipment providers in the business, including support for the Pioneer DDJ-SB2, DDJ-RR and DDJ-RB. The Hercules DJControl JogVision and Hercules P32 controllers. Reloop RMP-4 and Mixon 4 are also now plug-and-play with both DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJ programs.
  • New key detection for harmonic/key mixing. Not only sync music on beat but match key for pitch-perfect blending and mashups.
  • Released the totally and entirely FREE DJ software – DEX 3 LE.  A feature-rich freebie anyone can mix music with. Use with your own library, iTunes media or subscribe to Pulselocker for a massive in-app catalog of music you can both stream and/or download for offline use.
  • As always, updates have been free of charge for owners of DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE – and 2017 is sure to bring some very welcomed new additions that will help PCDJ’s set themselves apart from other DJs and the ‘status-quo’.

Karaoke Software and Karaoke Content Updates And Improvements

  • Released public (field use) beta’s 0.8.5689 through 0.8.6064 of Karaoki – our flagship stand-alone karaoke show hosting software.
  • Introduced improved audio and video playback engine for higher-quality, accurate playback of standard karaoke files
  • New “Search Results” view that expands the rotation list the entire right-hand side of the Karaoki browser with search results displaying in the large middle library pane.
  • Added ‘Search History’ and large search pop-up – KJs can view all their past song searches and double-click in the smaller search box to display a much larger version.
  • Karaoki can now use several new graphics formats (jpeg, png) as CDG backdrops, when loaded it can copy-convert the images to BMP’s that it can then load.
  • Improved the “remote connections” system in Karaoki for remote song request support (accept remote song requests from singers/phones). KaraoQuest is now supported for local area network requests and the (finally!) soon-to-be released KaraoQ/KaraoQ360 platform will surely be a game changer using the most modern in remote app technology.
  • SongbookDB, the popular song/singer request platform supported in Karaoki, updated their platform to allow singers to tip the KJ.
  • Karaoke Cloud Pro announced they will released 20 tracks each-and-every week into the commercial karaoke subscription service for Karaoki.
  • New “Karaoke Music Trivia” is available at no additional charge to Karaoke Cloud Pro subscribers, providing great filler content for between singers or on a slow night.
  • Exclusive HD MP4 Karaoke Download Packs made available through PCDJ.com, the perfect starter packages for DEX 3 KJs.
  • Released LYRX (karaoke software for MAC) version 1.0.2 with various performance improvements

New Relationships and More…

2016 has also been a big year in forging new relationships and strengthening others.

As always, we strive to be accessible to our DJ and karaoke software users. We want to ensure that when you have a question it’s answered thoroughly and professionally in a very timely fashion. We updated the PCDJ website to include a new web chat, robust support ticketing tracking system and created new PCDJ user forums.

We found new partners at MixCity Inc, the creators of JammText – a truly unique, social and interactive text-and-image-to-screen platform that works brilliantly alongside DEX 3 or Karaoki. We plan to bring you even more goodies and better support for JammText throughout 2017.


That’s a good look at 2016’s highlights for PCDJ.  Please check back next week for a look ahead at what our goals are for 2017!

Happy New Year, Friends!