PCDJ Karaoki And SongBookDB Remote Request System Partnership Announced

Leading Karaoke Software creators Digital 1 Audio launch a new version of PCDJ Karaoki with SongbookDB integration, a web-based subscription platform that enables remote song requests from karaoke singer’s phones and a myriad of bonus features for pro KJs.

Clearwater, Florida, 12/5/14  Digital 1 Audio, Inc (http://www.pcdj.com), the market leader in professional karaoke show hosting software, today launched a new partnership with SongBookDB (www.songbookdb.com) – a robust web-based song request subscription platform that enables karaoke singers to view the KJs song list online and make song requests right from their own phone.

“Traditionally KJs have had to print out new song books for their karaoke singers at least once a month, whenever they update their karaoke music” says Digital 1 Audio’s General Manager Ryan Sherr. “This amounts to hundreds of printed pages to fill 2 or 3 binders, not exactly a green solution and tedious” Sherr Continues “By forming a partnership and developing a plug-in with marketing-leading and robust online song book request platform SongbookDB, we’ve solved that problem.  We’re really excited about working with SongbookDB, it has all the features our KJs have been asking for with a bunch of exciting bonus features.”

SongbookDB remote song requests

Shaun Thomson, the developer and owner-operator at SongBookDB, had this to say about the newly formed PCDJ/SongBookDB partnership:

“Smart phone song browsing at karaoke shows is a must nowadays – crowds expect to be able to search your songs on demand anytime they want, to save favorites, view recent songs additions, search by tags” Shaun said.  “SongbookDB has brought these and other powerful features to karaoke singers in 24 countries in the last two years, but our partnership with PCDJ brings about the exciting game changer we’ve been aiming for – song requests integrated directly into your hosting program – as controlled or automated as you want it. We’ve worked closely with DJs and KJs to develop a seamless, fun and easy to use product that creates an ongoing connection with your clients both at and beyond the gig.”

Here are some of the notable features the PCDJ-SongbookDB partnership offers:

  • SongbookDB and SongbookDB plugin support for only $19.95 a month, with a 30 day FREE Trial.
  • Upload Karaoki’s TSV files to SongbookDB seamlessly
  • Create and manage different shows from the SongBookDB pal app that singers can log into to view song lists and make requests.
  • The Karaoki SongbookDB plugin receives requests and with one-click the KJ can send to rotation (or use “auto-accept” to send the requests to the rotation list automatically.)
  • Singers can use the web-app, iPhone App or Android App to view song lists and make requests (and save favorites)
  • BUZZ – alert singers when their song is ready
  • SHOUT OUT – send a message to everyone currently viewing your song book
  • KJs can add their logo, website, phone and Facebook page details
  • Edit and tag your songs
  • Have multiple song books and venues (up to 8). This caters for businesses with multiple KJs working on the same night
  • If you can’t connect your computer at your event, you can receive requests on your phone using our Karaoke Hoster app (iPhone and Android versions available for free)

For more SongbookDB and plugin information, including starting a 30 day free trial, CLICK HERE

Download a free trial (or update your existing Karaoki version to the latest) of PCDJ Karaoki HERE

Here’s How It Works

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Digital 1 Audio
611 S. Ft. Harrison Ave., #317
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877-999-7235 ext 105
Recommended System Requirements:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (8.1)
Intel “I” series 5 or greater or AMD 64 x 2
4.1 DirectX or ASIO compatible soundcard (with front and rear separate outputs)
4 GIG RAM or Better
200 MB free on the hard-drive
Graphics Card (ATI / Nvidia) with 256MB minimum dedicated graphics RAM, or Intel HD 4000 series shared graphics cards (or higher version number)

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