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PCDJ Software Review

We want to hear from you!

After nearly 18 years in the business of creating leading-edge live performance DJ and karaoke software products we understand that, more than anything else, DJs gravitate towards products based on the word in the street. Word of mouth.

DJs are self-motivated with outgoing personalities and an abundance of nerve — at least those that reach a high level of success tend to be. We want to harness some of that chutzpah!

DEX 3 video mixing with Pioneer DJ controller

Understanding what you want and keeping an ear to the ground are things we’ve always taken a lot of pride in. After all, it’s your livelihood and you know what you want (and don’t want) out of your live performance DJ and karaoke software products and the company and customer support behind it. Your feedback is what has driven much of the innovative technologies and features found in our products today. Continuing to understand where we stand with you is truly paramount as we strive to bring you the best DJ software and karaoke software our team can muster in the PCDJ bat cave.

We can gather customer feedback and PCDJ review information from support ticket logs, the many emails and calls we receive daily, and the like — but we’d kindly like to ask you to take the time to fill out a quick straightforward review with a star rating system from the button below.  A HUGE thank you in advance!

Thanks from the PCDJ Team!

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