PCDJ Karaoki – Karaoke Software Beta Launched

It's beta time!  Worlds leading karaoke software solution for pro KJ's is about to get a nice face lift.

PCDJ Karaoki has quickly grown into one our most popular karaoke applications ever, and the best karaoke software on the market.   We feel this is due, in no small part, to ample user feedback.  

PCDJ likes to publicly test all of our Karaoki beta versions on our public message forums, where all of our karaoke software customers can interact directly with our lead karaoke software developer, providing invaluable feedback on how Karaoki performs at any given karaoke show.    If the suggestions fit within our vision as well, we almost always make an effort to include the feature, or implement the change. 

Our latest PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software beta was just posted for all the world to test, you can check it out for yourself now HERE on our forums. You will want to create a free PCDJ message forum account, which will then allow you to post your feedback to the beta thread for other beta team members and development to view. 

Here's a quick rundown on notable changes, fixes and updates to our flagship beta karaoke software solution for karaoke hosts:

Changes in latest Karaoki beta:

  • Build #0.8.5205.33087 Apr 2nd 2014
  • Fixed: Bug in Internet connection detection code
  • Fixed: Rotation list drag reorder caused the GUI to freeze until mouse moved 
  • Fixed: 'Fade to Stop' not working with .mp4
  • Fixed: Load '.Hst' files bug.
  • Fixed: Duplicate songs removal removes all instances of the song.
  • Fixed: Potential Exception when using 'Fade to Stop' 
  • Fixed: Karaoki will no longer accept tracks via the 'Remote Terminal' if the singers name is not entered.
  • Fixed: ‘Save Show As..’ only saving to default directory.
  • Change: previous Karaoke player volume level setting is saved and restored in-between sessions.
  • Change: S-A-T reinstated for all territories.
  • Added: ‘Set Track Order’ option to the singer’s song list menu on the ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: ‘Add User CD+G Disk Data’ option to the singer’s song list menu on the ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: option to start Karaoki with ‘Auto karaoke’ enabled. ‘Options > Auto Karaoke > Run at Startup.’
  • Added: Additional data now shown on the singer’s data pop up that is displayed when the mouse is hovering over a singer’s name. 

Previous beta build

  • Build #0.8.5179.31430 Mar 7th 2014
  • Fixed: 'Auto Karaoki' not functioning after "fade to Stop"
  • Fixed: Crash if apostrophe in singer name.
  • Fixed: “Auto Capitalize” not functioning with ‘Remote Terminal’
  • Added: “Print Singer Data” and “Save Singer Data to Text file” right click menu options added to singer list on ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: “Check All” and Uncheck All” right click options to ‘In Rotation’ column on ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: ‘Load .Hst Files’ option to rotation list right click menu


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We'd love your feedback too, thanks!