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PCDJ’s full line of DJ software and karaoke software for professional DJs and entertainers is offered in ‘Australasia‘ by KHE Direct.  KHE is the leading provider of karaoke music and downloads in Australia, and were a natual fit for our DJ and karaoke software products (all current PCDJ products offer karaoke support).   

Since the PCDJ blog is a couple months young (and I’m surely green when it comes to blogging), this is really my first opportunity to formally introduce KHE to our PCDJ community.  Tim Van Andel is KHE’s CEO, and the brains behind all daily business operations.  

Please meet Tim and let him explain who KHE is and how they became who they’ve become:
About KHE’s CEO Tim van Andel

I started my career working at a specialist Sony store in Melbourne CBD selling high end consumer electronics which included “Video Laser Disc Players” and discovered that though you could purchase the $2000 video disc player the software or video disc movies were not sold in Australia.

Pioneer also sold Laser Disc players and Karaoke discs for them but no movies. That meant people had to telephone the United States and import the Laser Discs via mail order, this was long before the internet we all know today.

So I decided to start my own company in 1991 that would import, distribute and retail laser video disc movies. So I spent the next 12 to 18 months negotiating with Pioneer LCDE in the UK for our first license for Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures and EMI Music titles.

In the end we managed to sign deals with all the major Hollywood studios of the time ; Pioneer LCDE (Universal/Paramount/EMI), Polygram Music, Columbia Tristar (Sony Entertainment), Buena Vista (Walt Disney Studios), Warner Bros., MGM/United Artists, Village Roadshow and 20th Century Fox.

Laser disc was a niche market and movie discs were priced between $60 and $100 each, a far cry from today’s DVD’s of $20, Karaoke discs were even more expensive as Pioneer deemed them a commercial product not a retail one so prices of $500 per disc were common practise back then.

As the market changed from Laser Disc to DVD we morphed our business into DVD, and even more so in 1999 into “Karaoke Home Entertainment” aka KHE as our primary business, as the prices of equipment and software became affordable for the main stream consumer. We never looked back since partnering along the way with industry giants; Sunfly Karaoke, SBI Karaoke, Sonken Karaoke and of course PCDJ.

Today we are focused on building strong customer relationships and expanding our reach, so everyone can enjoy Karaoke at home!  
About KHE Direct (www.khedirect.com.au)
KHE Direct is based in Melbourne Australia and is the distribution division of Karaoke Home Entertainment, Australia’s No.1 Karaoke Retailer with stores in Melbourne and Perth.

In 2008 KHE Direct became the distributor for Sonken Karaoke Audio Visual products and in 2011 they partnered with PCDJ to distribute the full suite of Karaoke software and DJ mixing software in Australasia.

Karaoke Home Entertainment has the complete suite of PCDJ entertainment solutions www.khe.com.au/pcdj including a Karaoke DJ laptop, song pack complete with PCDJ Karaoki hosting software full configured to run your show.

In 2009 KHE Direct acquired Sunfly Australia taking over distribution for Australia and New Zealand of all Sunfly Karaoke content.

In addition to distributing Sunfly Karaoke content, KHE Direct is licensed to create content from the massive song library of Sunfly Karaoke.

They produce an array of exclusive content, which is sold worldwide.

Sunfly World Stars / Sunfly Karaoke Kool / Sunfly 6 Of The Best / Sunfly 4 Play Hits / Sunfly Australian Classic Artists / Sunfly Down Under


khe-image2In 2011 KHE Direct added the library of SBI Global Ltd to the range and created yet another exclusive label “SBI Karaoke All Star Series”.

All these series are available on CD+G, DVD, MP3+G disc and Full Album Download in MP3+G.