PCDJ DEX 3 – SideList-Singers LIst Preview Video

will launch publicly soon with the goal to provide a single DJ mixing software solution to mix everything – music, music videos, as well as host karaoke.

(check out the last video preview of the DEX 3 browser HERE)

As outlined in this previous DEX 3 blog post, the media file browser included with the (FREE) upgrade from DEX 2 has been a major focal point of the new platform; it’s been redesigned as a true database to be more robust (If you have 300,000 tracks in the library it will perform just as well as if you had 5!), responsive and cross-platform ready.

You now have three sections in the browser:  The browser/navigation section, the track list section and the new automix/sidelist pane – which as shown in the video below also doubles as a basic singers list for karaoke.

Album art, color coded tracks and flick gestures are just some of the improvements in DEX 3.  Any directory you browse via DEX 3 will automatically be added to the internal database, and cached for quick searching.  All browsed directories also display tag information so nesting directories as “favorites” in DEX 3 will likely be the most popular method for setting up the browser.


Here’s a video teaser demo of the new DEX 3 sidelist that doubles as a karaoke singers list: