PCDJ DEX 3 Preview – The Redesigned File Browser

PCDJ DEX 3 Preview: DJ Mixing Software Gets An All-New Redesigned Audio, Music Video and Karaoke File Browser 

DEX is PCDJ's best DJ mixing software solution for DJs performing with all media types, offering the total multimedia experience to their audience.  Audio mixing, video mixing and karaoke hosting are included in a robust easy to use DJ software package.  The totally redesigned PCDJ DEX 3 is set to launch in just a handful of weeks, and one major focus of the major upgrade is the all-new media file browser.  

The current file brower included in DEX 2 is fairly basic, and one of the 'older' portions of the application, from a code standpoint.  PCDJ development has spent much of the last 8+ months working to improve the file browser, and it's come together very nicely if I do say so myself.   PCDJ DEX 3 includes a new video mixing engine, graphics engine and browser code.   The new core foundation code has been designed so that it can deploy to any platform — including tablets and mobile OS's.   With that in mind, you will see in the preview screen shot I've included below how the new design/layout will lend itself very nicely to touch screen operation.  

PCDJ DEX 3 File Browser Screen Shot (PLEASE NOTE: We are still designing some of the skin elements, including the new file browser icons and color scheme – so the "look" will change some before the public release)  

Click Image For Larger View 


Here Are A Few Things To Note Regarding The New DEX 3 DJ Software Browser

  • The file browser is no longer "list style" — all tracks browsed in DEX 3 are automatically inserted into the database and they be instantly searched/used later
  • Album artwork is automatically displayed in lists/explorer 
  • Track tags are always displayed, even when browsing media directories on your hard drive
  • All-New "Side List" or Request List – double click, drag and drop, or click enter on your keyboard to send track to visble side list (which can be used for manual mixing or Auto-Mix)
  • Side-List will also double as new "singers list" for karaoke – the list auto-detects if you're dragging in a karaoke track as opposed to an audio or music video, and will prompt for a singers name
  • Search, Filters and list loading are all much faster, based on the new true-database back-end
  • "Flick Gestures" for fast navigation through the left browser pane – great with a mouse, even more fun with a touch-screen
  • Sort function highlights the field in which you are sorting by for easier viewing
  • All-New History (date stamped log)
  • New "Suggestion List" will provide song selections based on what you're playing (based on genre, bpm, etc)
  • Improved iTunes Support


The new browser in our flagship DJ mixing software is by far the most robust and feature rich PCDJ has ever created.  It's unique, and nothing quite like it is present in any other DJ program on the market today.  This is truly only a start, as 2014 will prove to be a banner year for DEX 3 innovations.   Look for tablet versions launching later this year as well!

For a general overview of what you can expect to see in the first version of PCDJ DEX 3 check out this previous blog post HERE

If you'd like to demo the existing PCDJ DEX 2 version (free upgrades will be included to DEX 3 for all DEX 2 owners!), you can download it HERE

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