PCDJ DEX 3 Final Release Candidate (Updated 8-5-14)

Yes, the excitement is almost palpable here at PCDJ HQ…

DEX 3 release candidate 6 is now available for public download below, and the expectation is for it to be the last candidate version before the official public release.  That means what’s currently included in DEX 3 shoulddex3onmac be bug-free, and gig-ready.  Providing our public concurs, what’s next for DEX 3 beyond the first public launch is 3.1 (and a myriad of other planned free updates throughout this year)

You can find the previous release candidate version of DEX 3 HERE, and read up on much of what’s new-and-improved in PCDJ DEX 3, our best DJ mixing software solution allowing you to #MixEverything

A summary of the most notable basics of what’s included:
  • New Graphics Engine, Video Mixing Engine and Media File Browser (re-designed from the core out)
  • New SideList/Waitlist for Automix and Manual Play (double’s as a karaoke singers list)
  • Database (faster, more robust) driven library/search 
  • New 4-Deck/2-Deck skins (dynamically resize to any screen resolution)
  • New Built-in Effects and Effects/Loop Grid



If you find any issues, feel free to join our user forums and post a report HERE



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  1. david le britton
    david le britton says:

    hi ryan have loded music video and kara into latest beta version but when i close & reopen all my files disapear from database also if i trie to analyze all infirst column the program crashes and again all my database disapears hope this helps

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      David, its highly likely your DB “cleared out” because it wasn’t finished importing. Try scrolling to the bottom of the DB list, if it “jumps up” or you see songs still piling in from the bottom, it’s not done. I’ve never seen DEX 3 in any beta test scenario losing the DB on it’s own, but it will truncate if you close the app down while it’s still importing.

      We found, and fixed, the analyze BPM issue! I’ll be posting release candidate 6 in a few minutes, please test that release!

      • david le britton
        david le britton says:

        hi ryan i tried loading only a few each of karaoke +music +vid all loaded correctly as a test and same thing happened. in the latter report i did wait until all tracks had loaded correctly (ie) scroll to bottom no of track equalled my library in total all had finished loading also my secondary screen is just out of reach for me to drag anywhere to the right of my screen i cant mouse over it to drag.i dont have secondary monitor or tv attached at moment hope this helps thanx

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          Sorry David, not getting any reports of the DB being lost, not since release candidate 1. Try the new RC6 we just posted (same blog post above, the download links have been updated a few mins ago) and let me know!

          If the secondary screen is off your screen where you can’t grab it, this indicates the last time you closed the application where you were using screen 2 you left it open full screen. DEX 3 will always try to re-open the video display window in the exact same location it was previous to the last shut down. If you had it expanded on a second monitor, DEX 3 will still open on a second monitor “area” even without the monitor/screen 2 connected. So, either shut down DEX 3 and re-connect the second screen – then you can close (or drag over) the secondary display window — or you can go into Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Settings and DELETE the file labeled preferences. Now if you re-open the software the video should once again be on your screen etc.

          BTW, you really don’t need to use the database at all. You can just add all your folders from your HD as “favorites” – just right click on the folder in the explorer tree view and select “add to favorites”. Repeat that process or all your main music folders. Now they are basically your groups – and any folder you’ve opened (accessed through DEX 3) once will automatically add all the tracks in the folder to the search cache/db. I assume most customers will simply use favorites as their groups now (since also unlike DEX 2, in favorite folders DEX 3 displays tag information)

          I hope that helps!

          • david le britton
            david le britton says:

            dear ryan sorted buddy.well most anyway but still cant import m3u playlists ,iwill explain best i can . i select new playlist ,then name it , the middle pane goes blank, i have audio selected because i am importing audio files.as soon as i click ok! to name it, it automaticaly switches to database, which is not where the files should populate ..the m3u files i am trying too import were created by another program, does this matter? i thought m3us were just a command line as to the location and name of those files? i go to the location which is c/music sam music /playlists select the choice and click open! they dont import cant drag and drop to new playlist either,i am really pleased with rest of program its looking very exciting so far a real contender to be industry standard crack on mate!

          • Ryan Sherr
            Ryan Sherr says:

            David, that’s JUST been fixed actually. Download from the same DEX 3 link in his blog post above (updated 5 minutes ago). That new version will allow you now to properly import M3U and old DEX 2 lists into DEX 3 (it will no longer jump to database when selecting “import playlist”)

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      I believe DEX 3 will pick up the DEX 2 license automatically if it’s on the same machine. However, if not, just look for the red colored text on the DEX 3 skin “click here to buy or unlock” Then click “I already bought this” and enter in your license activation code.

  2. Verne
    Verne says:

    Once public released of DEX 3 happens, will it be sent via email or do we just download from this blog? Just want to make sure I’m getting the right program. Thanks!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      DEX 3 has been officially launched, although DEX 2 users will receive the email notification on Monday. RC6 is the full release, so if you already have that installed you’re good to go!

  3. keith richardson
    keith richardson says:

    I do karaoke shows as well as dj & vj gigs. I have over 30,000 songs, videos and karaoke. I use the colors to separate the music, vids & karaoke so it’s easy for me and the other djs that work for me to separate the different formats visually when searching the music. Dex3 does not allow you to highlight whole groups of music or videos to color them (as in dex 2). I have only been able to color one song at a time. How do I color whole groups of music, vids etc.
    Keith Richardson
    Sound Technique

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Keith, that’s true, multi-selection of songs, as well as features like choosing what tags show up in the new “song info blocks” in the library, will come in 3.1 of DEX 3. Probably around 30 days out!

  4. david le britton
    david le britton says:

    hi ryan lookin good so far! would be a good idea to be able to drag n drop file from search results to any position in waitlist its a bit tedious at moment as it auto defaults to bottom then you have to double click to bring to top and then manually take it to the position required . there should be a capability to select all or do multiple selections in search results to apply colour reference or send to waitlist thanx again! ps. when you drop atrack onto a deck in auto mode instead of deleting or ejecting the original song on that deck it tends to repeat it it can be annoying can we install a button thatwill fade a track out to next track on playlist cheers!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks David! We’ll see about that “position drop” although we find users usually place the song in one of two positions – bottom of the list, or the top. Multi-track selection will come soon in version 3.1 as well. The “mix now” button under the deck will fade to the next track, and load the next song from the waitlist/sidelist as well. So that should be what you’re looking for!

  5. Armand Gregoire
    Armand Gregoire says:

    Hello! Ryan
    The next time a email you was on complaint about my dex2, serial number

    This time is for compliment you about dex 3. So far everything going good and he looks a lot better
    and seem lighter dan dex 2..
    I m not take the chanche to update my window 7, i dont want my code to be in trobble again.
    Because i thing i dont have lot reset left.

    Good Work at the team

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