PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software Preview: 4-Deck Skin

PCDJ DEX 3: DJ Mixing Software Upgrade Preview

We issued THIS blog post a couple weeks back regarding the upcoming release of our PCDJ DEX 3 DJ software and the new "4-Deck Default Skin" that will be included.

We're currently estimating 2 weeks for the first public release of DEX 3, which is set to be PCDJ's most complete DJ and video mixing software solution for professionals in our 15 year run.  Please bare in mind the first public launch of the DEX 3 upgrade is the foundation for our next 5-10 years of future upgrades and feature additions.  Our new DJ software "core" will also be used for PCDJ RED Mobile 2, and allow development to be more creative and pile-on unique features without resource management issues. 

Our graphical interface designer just applied the finishing touches to the new 4-Deck DJ software skin, allowing you to mix 4 audio tracks simultaneously with the 4 full-featured decks.  Since it's Monday and I'm feeling too lazy to come up with something else to blog about after a long weekend Djing myself (something I do more in fun lately than for monetary reasons) I figured I'd unveil the new interface in its totality for all.

PCDJ DEX 3's 4 Deck Skin (All skin components only, for now. I suppose next time I'll show the skin working IN DEX 3. I think I'm getting pretty good with this "teaser" stuff)  Click Image For Larger Size


A few items to note:

  • New "FX Grid" for managing and applying multiple effects easily from the new effects panel
  • Individual video deck monitors for deck A and deck B
  • Video fader and audio fader present on Video Mixing Tab
  • Advanced looping controls displayed on new loop panel in mixer section of skin

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