PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software 4-Deck Audio And Effects Tab Teaser (Screenshot)

dex2logosmlPCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software 4-Deck Audio And Effects Tab Teaser

As we close in on the PCDJ DEX 3 DJ mixing software upgrade (FREE for DEX 2 customers!) we’ll be blogging more about and unveiling many of the new included features and capabilities, as well as unique components of the new 4-Deck and 2-Deck GUI’s.  If this is the first you’ve heard about the expected DEX 3 upgrade, it will be PCDJ’s most complete and feature-forward DJ software and VJ software (and yes, karaoke too) since our inception in ’98.  More HERE

We’ve carried over the existing audio engine from DEX 2, which already offers excellent sound quality (much of what we worked on previous to DEX 3 was fine-tuning our custom audio engine) and fidelity beyond what our DJ software competition offers, but that’s it: The music video mixing engine, graphics engine and browser have been totally redesigned from the ground up. The first release of DEX 3 will only be the start, as it’s the foundation for the next 5-10 years of future upgrades and development.  Expect many regular free updates over the course of the year.

The New Audio/Effects Tab Included With The New Default 4-Deck Skin. Some Items To Note:

  • 4 Full-Featured DJ Decks for Audio Mixing, Top two for mixing videos and doing karaoke
  • Each Individual DJ Deck’s Effects can be controlled via the “FX Grid” module in the middle of the mixer section (with indicator “lights” to show which deck has an active effect or multiple active effects) 
  • New “Brake and Reverse” buttons on the skin, which can be mapped using “Midi Learn” 
  • New Icons for all the new lists (which will include the new “suggestion list” in the full release)
  • Waveforms are more defined to properly display sound and volume changes 


PCDJ DEX 3 Skin - Effects Grid

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