PCDJ DEX 3 – Browser Preview Video Overview

PCDJ DEX 3, our best DJ mixing software for mixing all media types (audio, music videos and karaoke), is almost here.   As outlined in this previous DEX 3 browser blog post, the media file browser has been a upgrade major focal point; it's been totally redesigned to be more robust, responsive and cross-platform ready.    

You now have three panes in the browser:  The navigation pane, the track listing pane and the new automix/sidelist pane.   Album art, track color coding and flick gestures are just some of the fresh updates you can expect once DEX 3 launches publicly.  One great and highly requested change from DEX 2 to DEX 3 is that any directory you browse once will automatically be added to the internal database, and cached for quick searching.  All directories display tag information as well, so nesting directories as "favorites" in DEX 3 will certainly be the popular method for setting up the browser.

In this DEX 3 browser teaser video I showcase a few of the new browser capabilities.  Please bare in mind this is a beta being showcased, and some graphical elements may change before the public launch (I suggest making the video full-screen so you can see all components better!):

For a general overview of what you can expect to see in the first version of PCDJ DEX 3 check out this previous blog post HERE

If you'd like to demo the existing PCDJ DEX 2 version (free upgrades will be included to DEX 3 for all DEX 2 owners!), you can download it HERE

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