PCDJ DEX 3 – Browser Overview Preview Video 2

DEX 3 is in the final stages of beta testing, and the excitement is building here at PCDJ HQ.

For the majority of the last 10 months our development team has basically lived in the batcave coding up new “wonderful toys”.  It’s a great feeling to be able to finally to put our hands (In my case, via the Pioneer DDJ-SR) on the product we’ve all been so involved with for so long.  We’re a tight group with loads of experience, and when discussing new updates we make a concise effort to get feedback from all employees – after all, our sales staff speaks with customers using the product in the field daily, and tech support knows exactly where customers may be getting hung up when using existing DJ software products.

We collectively agree that DEX 3 will be PCDJ’s best DJ software for mixing everything (audio, music videos and karaoke).   As outlined in this previous DEX 3 browser blog post, the new browser has been a major focal point; it’s been completely redesigned to be more robust, responsive and cross-platform ready.    One of our beta team members has been testing with 300,000+ tracks (audio, karaoke and video) and search and navigation remain just as fast as having only 3 tracks in the library.   This can be attested to the new browser being a true database, unlike in previous PCDJ products. 

In this DEX 3 browser overview video I showcase a few of the new browser capabilities, including setting folders as favorites (nested groups), navigating using keyboard commands, what the new browser icons mean and sorting within the library:

For a general overview of what you can expect to see in the first version of PCDJ DEX 3 check out this previous blog post HERE

If you’d like to demo the existing PCDJ DEX 2 version (free upgrades will be included to DEX 3 for all DEX 2 owners!), you can download it HERE