PCDJ DEX 3 – 4 Deck Skin Preview

PCDJ's best DJ software solution for mixing everything — audio, music videos and karaoke — is about to receive the largest upgrade to date, with an all-new browser, video mixing engine and graphics engine.   This is a "core upgrade" and is the code foundation for the next 5-10 years of future development. (Over the next 12 months you'll see a lot of new features added)  


PCDJ DEX 3 will be PCDJ's most complete DJ mixing software to date, and one vital aspect of an interactive and responsive software application is the GUI (graphical user interface), or "Skin".  A lot of planning and feedback from various Pro DJs goes into creating our default skin for the software, almost as much as any other part of the program.  After all, it's what the DJ has to stare at for hours on end, so why spare time and expence?

DEX 3 will also include new "dynamic resizing".  While we'll include skins at various default resolutions, the skin can also be stretched and/or maximized to fit any screen resolution.   This is a big change to how skins have previously worked in the DEX 1 and DEX 2 versions.

Today we want to share with you a preview of our new 4 deck version of the upcoming default DEX 3 skin.  This is a teaser, and we're still making some final tweaks before the upgrade is launched.  In the skin render below, one obvious change that should immediately stick out is that the mixer section features new "panels" – those panels will allow you to swap the section for all-new FX (built in FX will be included, yup!), sampler, an improved loop section and more advanced audio and video mixer controls.  

So without further ado, here's a low-resolution render of the new 4 deck skin for PCDJ DEX 3 (yeah, we're not showing you too much yet.  This is a render, so we're not showing you it "active" with buttons pressed and wavefroms ablaze, but use your imagination!)  Click Image For Larger View


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