Our best DJ program for DJs that provide their clients with the total multimedia mixing experience, including video mixing, is receiving the largest set of upgrades in our DJ Software product history.   This includes a new video mixing engine, a brand new track management browser (read more about the new DEX 3 audio, video and karaoke browser HERE) and new graphics engine that supports a myriad of new capabilities.   


PCDJ DEX 3 GUI – The 2 Deck Skin and New Video Mixing Tab 

DJ Software GUI's have evolved a lot in the last 15 years.  This corresponds directly with all the new capabilities and features found in top DJ software solutions.  While some functionality will remain "hidden" from a GUI (only accessible with A DJ Controller), the bulk of what DJ mixing software can do is found on the software skin (GUI).  It's a balancing act.  In one hand you want your DJ program graphical user interface to be sleek, streamlined and easy to navigate — whilst adding all the knobs, buttons, sliders and other controls required to access and use the new, and in the case of DEX 3 greatly improved, features.

This is why almost as much PCDJ development time is dedicated to creating the perfect default skin as to other items such as the video mixing engine and effects.

The new GUI engine in DEX 3 includes dynamic resizing in addition to a new 4-deck skin (check out a preview HERE), transparency mode and support for album art.  Users of DEX 3 can dream up almost any creative design, so we're really excited to see what submissions we receive for DEX 3 skins after our initial public launch.   

Here's a low-rez render of the new 3 deck skin with video mixing mode for PCDJ DEX 3  (This is a render, so we're not showing you it "active" with buttons pressed and waveforms, but use your imagination! More to come later, of course — but take note of the LARGE video previews, oh yes…)  Click Image For Larger View


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