PCDJ: A DJ Software History Lesson

I admit, I'm as much of a digital pack rat as I am a gadget and gizmo geek.

Thanks to my overly cautious practices, fear of losing something important and multiple external hard drives I've personally archived years of PCDJ media. From old staff and PCDJ event pictures and videos from when we started this whole DJ software space thing in 1999 (we've been doing this for 15 years!), to radio drops used when we had a internet 'radio room' of 20 continuous play stations. 

Of course, that was back when companies would readily pay for ad space on internet radio stations, and we did have some of the best DJ's in the Tampa Florida area mixing live using one of our old PCDJ PHAT freeware applications. One of our DJ's, Prentice, broke a Guinness Record with a live 72 hours straight continuous broadcast from the NAMM show floor in 2001, without as much of a nap. (His world record was broken only 2 months later,PCDJ Digital 1200sl however)

While digging through the archived hard drives I ran across some old PCDJ press videos from our very early years. I think they’re pretty insightful, and really put into perspective how much the DJ software industry and DJ controller market has evolved since 2000. (the quality of the videos really say it all!)  Make sure to watch for the Numark DMC-1 cameo, it was the very first commercially sold DJ controller on the planet, and was so ahead of its time sales were initially very slow (in 2002 that all changed overnight however!). Our flagship DJ mixing software at the time was The Digital 1200sl, taking its namesake from the iconic Technics 1200. They were pioneers in the turntable business, as was PCDJ in the DJ software world – it seemed fitting.     PCDJ DEX 3 is set to launch in the coming weeks, so what better time to reflect on the old to better appreciate the new.

PCDJ:  The History Of DJ Software 

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