PCDJ 2017 | Year In Review

2017 PCDJ Year in Review

A look back at PCDJ’s 2017

Nearly 19 years in this business and our passion for creating innovative, professional-quality live performance software products hasn’t waned — in fact we’ve never been more motivated.

It’s starts with the team and we’ve got a tremendous one from the top down (here at Digital 1 Audio HQ our development team is truly at the ‘top’ — collectively they are the engine that turns the gears!). When you’re surrounded by such a talented group that truly understands DJs/KJs and what they really want in a DJ software or karaoke software product to make their job easier, often before they do themselves, it’s no surprise when you exceed many of the companies yearly goals.

Of course the main component in our success now and moving forward is you, the PCDJ customer. We thank you from the bottom of our collective heart!

At the conclusion of each year we take a look back at he milestones and accomplishments attained for our DJ software and karaoke software lineup. Here’s how 2017 went for PCDJ:

2017 PCDJ Milestones

  • Upgraded and released versions through of DEX 3 (and DEX 3 RE)
  • Released a completely free DJ software version in DEX 3 LE (lite edition)
  • Released an updated version of LYRX karaoke software for MAC that’s rapidly become the top karaoke player for macOS
  • Introduced true 64bit Windows support for our DEX 3 DJ software lineup
  • Released “Always-in-Sync” feature (sync-lock/beat-lock) allowing DJs to just press ‘Sync’ once in DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE and the deck will stay in-sync with the master deck
  • Improved BPM detection with new “Steady-rhythm BPM detection mode (for sync-lock)”
  • Graphic engine improvements include colored waveform’s (with 3 distinct layers so you can clearly see the rhythm and RMS/global levels) and new HD graphics rendering — making the entire GUI more crisp and snappy
  • Added: Once a DJ has analyzed a track (either by loading it once or by using the batch Analyze/all feature) it will load instantly from that point forward
  • 3 new Daytime skins created so DJs can more easily view the DEX 3 interface in bright, outside conditions
  • Included support in both DEX 3 (pro) and LYRX for the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription — an in-app karaoke subscription for commercial use that provides DJs with access to nearly 15,000 HD Karaoke songs right now, with more added on a weekly basis
  • Created plug-and-play DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE support for 8 additional DJ controllers: Denon MC7000, Hercules P32 DJ, Reloop Mixon 4, American Audio VMS5Numark Mixtrack PlatinumNumark PartyMix, Numark DJ2GO2, and Numark NS6II – providing more options for tactile, hands-on control over DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE. Now over 90 DJ controllers are supported!
  • DJs can open the ‘Edit Overlays’ window + switch between created/saved text/image/video overlays directly from the DEX 3 (pro) skin itself
  • Added spinner/text to the top of the DEX 3 skin to monitor background tasks (eg. how many items are still to be processed by ‘Analyze all’)
  • As it was highly requested, DJs can now minimize the main DEX 3 window on their own display or switch to a different app while the secondary video window will remain visible to the audience or karaoke singers
  • Launched a new product called Karaoke File Name Fixer that allows karaoke hosts to batch rename karaoke files easily through a step-by-step process
  • Added resizing of browser and lists panes in our DEX 3 DJ mixing software lineup
  • Karaoki (stand-alone karaoke software) was upgraded to include a new AV engine that’s 3X more efficient (faster loading/playback)
  • Improved Karaoki’s overall performance by removing old redundant code and optimizing everything under the hood
  • Improved Karaoki’s background (filler music) music player for better automation in between singers/sets
  • Continued and improved support for Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription in Karaoki


While it’s clear we haven’t exactly been resting on our laurels in 2017 we’re by no means satisfied. We’ve got lots of ‘new’ coming down the pipe starting with a couple of really fantastic, highly anticipated scheduled releases in January.

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