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37 New Karaoke Releases: A Poem

Welcome one, welcome all, come join the scene, At Party Tyme Karaoke, where we’re keen. A wild night awaits, songs are the theme, In this vibrant world, where you’re the dream.

First off the stage, “Bury Me in Georgia” rings, Echoing through the room, oh how it sings. A “Mr. Tinkertrain” chugs along, as someone brings, Their heartfelt rendition, ‘midst laughter’s springs.

You, Me, & Whiskey,” the mic declares, “Your Heart or Mine,” someone upstairs, Sings “Just as Long as I Have You,” and shares, A “Rescued” soul, in life’s complex lairs.

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What You Give Is What You Get,” the tune goes, “Wreckage” of hearts, as the spotlight shows, A “Ballerina Girl” in her gentle pose, “Waiting on the World to Change,” she knows.

Who You Love,” whispers the dark, “You Are” the song, you are the spark. “Let Me Hear You Scream,” in this karaoke park, “Love Your Memory,” let’s embark.

Mr. Misunderstood,” takes the stage next, “New Strings” on the old guitar, quite complex, “Reflections” in sound, through the decks, “Ain’t That Some,” what a perfect annex.

Someone Like You” croons under the “Sunrise,” “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” echoes the wise, “Lottery” of songs, under starry skies, “Sure Thing,” they say, a joyful prize.

Applause” reverberates, through “ceilings” so high, “Death” to silence, let the notes fly. “I’m a Mess,” laughs one, not shy, “98 Braves,” the response, oh my.

Humanity” resonates, a “Man Made a Bar,” “Next Door to an Angel,” near or far. “Bless the Beasts and the Children,” our avatar, “Drag City” roars, each note a star.

I Can’t Let Go,” the refrain, “A Wonder Like You,” in this domain. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star,” we entertain, “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” our sweet champagne.

So come to the party, be who you are, In this world of music, you’re the czar. Raise your voices, near or far, In this wild karaoke night, you’re the superstar!

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SYB04513Bury Me in GeorgiaKane BrownCountry MaleG minorEnglish2022
SYB04512Mr. TinkertrainOzzy OsbourneRock MaleEb minorEnglish1991
SYB04514You, Me, & WhiskeyJustin Moore and Priscilla BlackCountry MaleC minorEnglish2023
SYB04515Your Heart or MineJon PardiCountry MaleF minorEnglish2022
SYB04508Just as Long as I Have YouDon WilliamsCountry ClassicsC majorEnglish1989
SYB04509RescuedFoo FightersRock MaleE majorEnglish2023
SYB04510What You Give Is What You GetRattHair BandsG# minorEnglish1985
SYB04511WreckageNate SmithCountry MaleBb majorEnglish2023
SYB19387Ballerina GirlLionel RichiePop MaleC majorEnglish1986
SYB23312Waiting on the World to ChangeJohn MayerRock MaleD majorEnglish2006
SYB22510Who You LoveJohn Mayer ft. Katy PerryRock MaleA majorEnglish2013
SYB19244You AreLionel RichiePop MaleDb majorEnglish1982
SYB04493Let Me Hear You ScreamOzzy OsbourneRock MaleD minorEnglish2010
SYB04492Love Your MemoryMiranda LambertCountry FemaleBb majorEnglish2005
SYB04483Mr. MisunderstoodEric ChurchCountry MaleG majorEnglish2015
SYB04485New StringsMiranda LambertCountry FemaleA majorEnglish2005
SYB04486ReflectionsDiana Ross & The SupremesOldiesDb majorEnglish1966
SYB04482Ain’t That SomeMorgan WallenCountry MaleC# minorEnglish2023
SYB04479Someone Like YouVan MorrisonClassic RockG majorEnglish1987
SYB04481SunriseMorgan WallenCountry MaleD minorEnglish2023
SYB04480Thinkin’ Bout MeMorgan WallenCountry MaleEb minorEnglish2023
SYB04468LotteryLatto ft. LU KALAPop FemaleBb minorEnglish2023
SYB04472Sure ThingMiguelR&B MaleF# minorEnglish2010
SYB04464ApplauseSofia CarsonPop FemaleA majorEnglish2023
SYB04465ceilingsLizzy McAlpinePop FemaleA majorEnglish2022
SYB04466DeathMelanie MartinezPop FemaleBb minorEnglish2023
SYB04467I’m a MessAvril Lavigne ft. YUNGBLUDRock FemaleC# majorEnglish2022
SYB0447898 BravesMorgan WallenCountry MaleD majorEnglish2023
SYB04475HumanityScorpionsHair BandsC# minorEnglish2007
SYB04477Man Made a BarMorgan Wallen ft. Eric ChurchCountry MaleE majorEnglish2023
SYB04476Next Door to an AngelNeil SedakaOldiesA majorEnglish1962
SYB04462Bless the Beasts and the ChildrenThe CarpentersPop FemaleAb majorEnglish1971
SYB04463Drag CityJan & DeanOldiesG majorEnglish1963
SYB04461I Can’t Let GoThe HolliesClassic RockG majorEnglish1966
SYB04459A Wonder Like YouRicky NelsonOldiesC# majorEnglish1962
SYB04457Rock ‘n’ Roll StarOasisRock MaleB majorEnglish1994
SYB04456You’re Gonna Live Forever in MeJohn MayerRock MaleG majorEnglish2017

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