Party On: How DJs Can Help People Thrive During The Lockdown

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Staying productive and looking for ways to pass the time has been a global challenge, as millions of people have been staying indoors to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Since late March, individuals and families are watching more online concerts and Netflix shows, starting container gardens, doing art projects, and making trendy coffee drinks, among others, to pass the time. These activities have proven to be effective as they’ve helped people cope during the health crisis, but listening to upbeat music can also help one to stay optimistic during uncertain times. Although clubs are closed and music events have been cancelled, DJs can still use their skills to help people be in a positive mindset during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s how DJs can help people thrive during the lockdown.

Stream your music to different platforms

Listening to club music helps people to escape from their troubles even for just an hour or two, and it also gives them something to look forward to once the health crisis is over. Moreover, grooving to upbeat sounds can be therapeutic as it eases loneliness and depression, so to help as many people as you can, try streaming your music to different platforms. Listening to a livestream with other people online can help one to feel socially connected and reduces feelings of isolation during the pandemic. Twitch, Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube are just some of the platforms where you can livestream your DJ sets, but you’ll need to be familiar with legal issues to avoid getting blocked or taken down. You can search for streaming and music copyright laws online, but make sure that the source comes from an expert, like an entertainment lawyer. Plan and schedule your streams accordingly so your followers will know when to tune in so they can listen to all of your sets.

Live Stream DJ sets

Make various playlists for your community

Apart from livestreamed sets, another way that DJs can help is to create playlists for your community. While you can create a playlist of club tunes that people can just vibe to while in lockdown, you can also make other mixes that will appeal to those with different tastes in music. For instance, those who grew up in the 80s will appreciate a mix that only has New Wave music, while those who were teens in the 90s will surely love a playlist that contains old school hip hop tunes from artists such as Tupac, Warren G, Nas, and Ice Cube, among others. Upload your creations to Mixcloud or Soundcloud, and don’t forget to interact with your listeners by responding to comments on these platforms.

Take some time to improve your craft

Having a lot of free time on your hands allows you to improve your craft, so keep practicing and learn new techniques from more experienced DJs through tutorials and DJ courses online. You can also take this time to innovate so your music stays fresh and relevant. Search SoundCloud Go+ (supported in DEX 3) for new tunes to include in your mixes, and check out music from artists in other countries to see if you can work them into your sets.

Providing good music can help humanity to cope during challenging times. Try these tips so you can do your part to help people stay motivated and cheerful during the Covid-19 lockdown, and see how you can make a positive contribution to help music fans thrive.

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