If You Use Windows and Mix With a DJ Controller You Need To Do This! (video)

If you’re a DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE user and mix music and/or music videos with a DJ Controller (or USB Pro Audio Interface) on a Windows machine you need to watch the video above.

From the start of the video through the 1:10 marker Universal Audio provides a optimization tip for pro audio devices such as what’s built into most popular DJ controllers today.

By default, Windows will dial back or shut off power to a USB port it determines not active. Sound great in theory, but all to often Windows will dial back or shut off power to a USB port that’s being used by a DJ controller and/or USB pro audio interface in the heat of the mix.

This can result in sound issues, total audio drop outs, connectivity issues with the DJ controller itself (impairing the ability to send/receive HID/MIDI control signals), and in some unpleasant cases – a total software/controller/driver crash.

Again, this doesn’t only happen when you leave your gear and DEX 3 DJ software idle for periods of time (although more likely), it can happen when you’ve got a packed dance floor while performing your top banger.

The goods news is this is a simple fix.  As demonstrated in the video above it’s a matter of disabling power saving options on your USB ports.  Once done, and providing your computer is not experiacing other performance related problems and you have the latest drivers for your DJ controller and/or USB audio device, you should be ready to mix with confidence.


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