Announcement | A New Version of SongbookDB is Available Now!

New version of songbookDB for Karaoki

A new version of SongbookDB Pal is now available for download!

IMPORTANT: Please install the free update well in advance of your next show, as it requires uninstalling your latest version first, otherwise a mis-configuration error appears and prevents the new version from installing. Please follow the steps below for a smooth installation (future updates won’t display the error or require these steps).

To install…

1. Open your current version of Pal and log in using your Admin email and password
2. Navigate to the Song List Central screen
3. Open your song list file (the one you normally open and add new songs into). If you don’t have a song list file, skip to step 5
4. Hit the BACK UP SONG LIST button, choose a location anywhere outside of the SongbookDB Pal program folder to save it to eg your Documents folder, then hit the SAVE button
5. Navigate to the file xdloex.xml at C:\Program Files (x86)\SongbookDB Pal\songbookdb on your system – make a back up of this file anywhere outside of the SongbookDB Pal program folder
6. Uninstall SongbookDB Pal from your computer
7. Download and install the latest version of Pal – run the program then close it
8. Navigate to and copy the xdloex.xml you backed up before. Paste it at C:\Program Files (x86)\SongbookDB Pal\songbookdb (click yes to overwrite the current file)
9. Restart Pal. You should now be up and running, and can open the song list file you saved in step 4 If not, please contact SongbookDB HERE.

The new version solves a critical venue creation issue that some DJs are experiencing, and introduces the new settings dashboard – which makes editing your account and song book settings MUCH easier.

Thank you,

Shaun Thomson