New PCDJ Website Launched

Over the course of the last 15 years we’ve launched a few redesigns of the PCDJ website. “They” say you should update your website every 2 years to stay on top of the latest technologies, making it easier for customers to quickly navigate and find what they’re looking for, and also get the support they require in a timely manner.  We feel we nailed it (compliments to our web design team, and specifically Brandon James) — what do you think? 

Have you ever played with the “Way Back Machine“?  Its a fantastic web archive tool that allows you to look at website snippets from years past, and the nostalgia isn’t lost on myself.  Check out pcdjwebsite-2003the screen capture to the right of a PCDJ website snippet from 2003, I’m sure some of our long-time customers will recognize the design.    We had just launched the PCDJ FX DJ Software platform!  While the site design was ahead of it’s time, our new site definitely reflects how far web design has come in the last decade.

The all-new PCDJ website features “scroll and load” parallax graphics, and our product pages for our DJ Software (DEX 2 and RED Mobile 2) and Karaoke Software I find especially aesthetically pleasing.  As you scroll down, you’ll find page sections regarding all the key features and components of the software, as well as our music subscription offerings for Audio, Music Videos and Karaoke Music.

Be sure to check out the site from your phone or tablet additionally, the site is responsive, so it will dynamically resize to any device — so reading our blog or browsing product pages will look taylormade.

Since you’re reading this now you’re already aware, our blog is now part of the main PCDJ website – and we’ll continue to strive to bring you new and useful articles a few times weekly regarding all things Digital DJ, DJ Software, karaoke, karaoke software and the DJ business side of things.

Please take a moment to browse our site.  We would love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to comment in the comments section below.  If you find anything you feel would help you make a better purchasing decisions, or help you get the product support information you require, please let us know!

Keep checking back as well — we’re close to launching our new PCDJ DEX 3 platform in the coming weeks and the DJ software pages will be updated to reflect the new technologies and features.