User Community | New PCDJ Forum Now Online

New PCDJ User Forum Launched

Today we launched new user forums and  DJ and Karaoke product support forums for the PCDJ community.

With the popularity of social networks and their ever-growing integration into our daily activities, most DJ related message forums aren’t teaming with activity like they once were. Nonetheless, in regards to PCDJ’s forums over the years they’ve always served our users well – a place where they can exchange personal product-related experiences, tips and all things Digital DJ related. Direct question-and-response from PCDJ team members and developers isn’t something you’ll always find in a Facebook group.

When it comes to DJ software support and/or karaoke software support, user forums can be a tremendous resource. With thousands of possible DJ system configurations and peripheral options such as DJ controllers, users often discover optimizations and can offer insight we can’t. The forums are always online so if you’re looking for product support suggestions at 3AM EST it’s a great place to start.

New PCDJ user forum 2

PCDJ has had a user forum (aka message board) since ’99. This marks the first major change to the usual format. We know the change may not be welcomed by everyone, but the new design is modern, mobile friendly and more efficient — and best of all it’s integrated directly into the main PCDJ website. While integration benefits will not be apparent immediately, down the road paying users that are registered forum users will have access to areas others do not.  We’ve also consolidated all previous forums into four:  General Discussions, DEX 3 Support Forum, RED Mobile 3 Support Forum and Karaoki Support Forum.

Forums users who actively participated in discussions over the last year have already been imported to the new forum, but are required to register for a new password.

The old PCDJ forums will be kept online for searching – as there is loads of searchable data there that could still be of assistance to new and legacy PCDJ software users.  The old forum will be located in the usual place, HERE.