Pro Karaoke Software | New Karaoki Beta Available For Download

The latest beta version for our stand-alone karaoke software for Pro KJs is now available for download!

Karaoki has been the professional karaoke host’s software of choice for over 7 years, with free updates made available often that include performance improvements and new features. Users who purchased Karaoki 7 years ago still receive free updates today – which is unique in the karaoke software marketplace.  You’re welcome 🙂

In this latest downloadable Karaoki beta we’ve included a few user requests taken from our Karaoki message forum (please feel free to post any suggestions for our Karaoki developers there!). The “Singer Data” screen can now list singers alphabetically as opposed to order of entry, and a slew of other singer rotation tweaks and automation changes.

Here’s a full list of what’s new and improved in PCDJ Karaoki Build 0.8.5609 (download below).


Build #0.8.5609.19193 May 11th 2015 (Changes since Build #0.8.5559.20617 Mar 22nd 2015)

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:

  • “ add a track or you’ll be skipped” and ‘On Break’ messages where being saved to singers data file.
  • ‘Scan case Using Naming Convention’ screen was sometimes being drawn under main screen; A ‘Bring To Front’ command has been added to code after the screen is drawn.
  • The singer rotation list on the main screen was sometimes not always being redrawn after the data is edited; a forced redraw has now been added.


  • Button on ‘Singer data’ screen to list Singers alphabetically.
  • Options on the on the song list right click menu , on the ‘Singer data’ screen, to move singer’s song to the top of the rotation, Up One, Down One and to the bottom.
  • Option on the ‘Singer data’ screen to manually save singer data.
  • Option to automatically place an existing singer back into rotation when a request is received.
  • Option so when placing a singer in rotation they are always added to the end of the singer list and won’t jump back into the middle of the list.
  • Option so a singer is automatically removed from the rotation if they don’t have anything cued and they already have missed a turn.
  • Option to remember selected ‘Add Singer’ options.
  • Option to import existing singer into rotation when a remote request is received.


  • The installer no longer installs .net 3.5; Windows 7 onwards has .net 3.5 or greater built in and so there is no need to install .net on these OS’s. When using OS’s pre Win 7 you must run the separate .net installer once before installing Karaoki.


The Karaoki installer no longer installs the .net 3.5 framework. Windows 7 and on-wards have a compatible version of .net built in to the OS so its no longer necessary to install it. Windows XP and Vista users will need to install .net 3.5 manually using the installer in the link below, this installer will only install .net 3.5 if it’s not already present on the system:



Please report any issues or suggestions HERE