New DEX 3 Skin Portal | Download Skins

DEX 3’s graphical user interface (skin) can be completely modified, only limited by the person designing the skins imagination. 

With the free PCDJ Skin Designer software you can create and map a DEX 3 skin from scratch, re-configuring all buttons, faders and knobs –as well as use any color scheme and layout of features. DEX 3’s has the most flexible graphics engine available through DJ mixing software today, just another way to make it your own (company logo? No problem!).

A handful of DEX 3 users have been busy taking the Skin Designer to task over the last 25 weeks, we’ve had 10 DEX 3 Skin submissions so far.  We felt now is a great time to setup a dedicated web page to download and install all skins, or access the skin designer software.


DEX 3 Skin Gallery