New “Daytime Skins” Coming In DEX 3.1

The new graphics engine introduced in our DEX 3 DJ software is more sophisticated than in any previous PCDJ software release.  It supports dynamic resizing of the GUI, and the ability to build in your own custom functionality using the all-new Skin Designer.

The previous DEX 2 version included a “Daytime Skin”, designed for bright outside conditions making it easier to view the skin. The default skin currently in DEX 3 is darker, designed to ease eye-strain while staring at the GUI for long periods of time in a dark environment. Our design team has been focusing almost exclusively on introducing many new features for our upcoming DEX 3.1 update, as well as overall performance tweaks, but they’ve managed to find the time to update the Daytime Skin for 3.1.

We expect to release DEX 3.1  in the coming couple of weeks (and the first release of RED Mobile 3), but in the meantime here’s a preview of how the new Daytime Skin will look.  We’ve included a 2-deck skin, a 2-deck skin with video and a 4-deck version.


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    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Those features will actually take some time before they’re included. 3.1, which should be ready in the next two weeks, is more about performance improvements, bug fixes, but with a few new features (list mode, multi-track selection, “graying out songs” when played and a couple other minor items. We’re not quite ready to build on to what is a brand new foundation for the platform. But after this update, we plan to release updates every month with more and more features pilled on!

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