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Music Programming | When And When Not To Use a Remix (Video)

DJ mixing software like DEX 3 include features such as playlist creation and automix designed to make a DJs life easier, so DJs can focus on other important tasks during their gig. One of those tasks (or skills), and likely the biggest key’s to becoming a successful DJ is music programming — and it’s not about sticking to a pre-created playlist.

Mobile DJ Guru and YouTube DJ tutorial muse Brian S Redd has released countless video discussions focusing on the intricacies of music programming, and his latest video touches on when, or when not, to play remixes of popular songs.

Brian’s premise is easy to grasp:  It’s always best to play the original during most Mobile DJ events or wedding receptions as the attendees already know the music, and will likely sing along and dance.   However, if the song is popular but at a slower tempo that doesn’t lend itself to putting people on the dance floor, then insert a remixed version that will make people move.  If the gig focus is EDM or dance music, break out all the remixes — it’s time to party.

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