Knowing Your Audience With Dave Winsor| Mobile Music Thursday with Jason Jones | #DJNTV

DJNTV’s (Disc Jockey News TV) Mobile Music Thursday with DJ Jason Jones features mobile DJs from around the country who are playing weddings, schools and bars to find out how and what they play and when they play it. This week we feature Dave Winsor, Disc Jockey News writer and owner of Winsor Entertainment and morning show host on 99.9 The Wolf in Portland Maine.

In this segment Dave Winsor explains how to ask your client the right questions to figure out what song selections and genres you’ll want to base your event set around, including “hairbrush songs“.

Dave takes queues from “cocktail hour” to get a feel for what the nights vibe will be like, and applies that to his song selection.   Knowing your audience is paramount and Dave provides tips on how to properly read the crowd, and takes musical risks other DJs wouldn’t consider – with a great deal of success.

Check out the entire video below, this is one of the most information and DJ Tips drenched Mobile Music Thursday video segments yet.