Mobile DJ Tips | How To Raise Your Rates In Smaller Markets From DJNTV (Video)

Raising Wedding DJ rates in small town

Watch The Video Below | How To Raise Your Rates For Small Town Weddings From DJNTV

Being in a smaller market doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep your Wedding DJ rates low. John Young and Brian S Redd of DJNTV discussed during their live stream last night how to book Weddings in smaller towns at bigger rates.

What does it take to make the jump from a client-requested rate of $500 to a rate of $1000?

It truly boils down to this: How can you convey the value that you bring to the event?

It starts with the mindset: If you perceive yourself as a higher-value DJ you also have to represent this to you client. As a higher value DJ there are things you just do, such as cleaning up your system and creating a tidy appearance at your events.

Your branding and businesses overall ‘look’ plays a big part in showcasing your value, including your own personal appearance. The way your vehicle looks — are you using some old rust-bucket van, or a recently detailed SUV?

The initial customer service (meeting with the bride for example) component is huge: are you able to listen to their ideas for the event and translate them to a practical performance you can convey to them?  Can you ease their mind so they can allow you to take the reins, completely?

Last, but clearly one of the most important when attempting to convey value — your performance. As a Mobile DJ if you can’t perform and keep guests on the dance floor, as well as put on a smooth, elegant and fun event your value will drop considerably – no referrals for you!

That’s just a sampling of the live-stream discussion. Brian and John offer many other interesting ideas and insight to help you earn more in markets that demand less.

How To Raise Your Rates For Small Town Weddings | #DJNTV