Mobile DJ Tips | 15 Minutes or Less…Do you Follow this “Golden Rule”?

Here’s a classic, yet often overlooked, Mobile DJ Tip that will help you land more referrals!

Mobile DJ Marlon Ace explains in the video above why reaching out to a fresh referral for your DJ services swiftly is one of many Mobile DJ “Golden Rules”.

Regardless of were the referral comes from; a previous client, a local event venue, The Wedding Wire, or the like — if you do not respond to the potential client promptly, ideally in 15 minutes or less, you may lose the opportunity to another DJ business (or ‘gasp’, the clients 15 year old brother who just downloaded a $5 DJ app for their shiny new Android Tablet).

Why is that? The majority of the time, unless a prior client really sold them on you and your skill set, the potential customer is already shopping for other potential DJs. Thus, if you’re not faster than Ritchie Ruftone performing a baby scratch your services may already be relegated to the scrap heap.

DJ Marlon Ace provides a few other reasons why you want to rapidly respond to new referrals and inquiries. The good news is it’s easy to fire off a fast respond from that go-no-where-without device that’s likely already in your hand or pocket.

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