Mixing Music Videos With DEX 2.5 Just Got A Whole Lot Better

DEX 2.5 is here, and it’s our most complete video mixing software ( VJ ) for seamlessly mixing music videos mashups to date. 


PCDJ DEX 2 has been our flagship DJ software application for the last 2 years.  DEX 2 is essentially a culmination of over 13 years of DJ software development experiance wrapped up in one robust product.  The goal from the start was to create one solution for DJ’s; a product that mixes video as well as it does audio (and yes, even Karaoke).

While PCDJ DEX 2 has been terrific for mixing audio easily, with key features such as BPM sync, realistic scratching, audio effects and looping – it was addmitantly lacking in the video mixing department…

Enter DEX 2.5.  

Included in the new release are the first of many to come video effects and video transitions, they are as follows:


Video Effects:

  • Water:  Think ripples and bubbles – utterly and organically awesome!
  • ZoomBlur:  Center zoom with blurred edges effect
  • Invert: Inverts video colors
  • Toon:  Cartoon effect makes everything look a bit “Roger Rabbit”
  • Tiles: Slices the video into square tile cutouts
  • Red, Blue, and Green Filters:  Change the entire color of the music video dynamically


Video Transitions:

  • Fade: Seamless blend of one video into another
  • Cut: Quick cut from one video to another, great for scratching videos
  • Slide H: Slide one video into another right to left or left to right
  • Slide V:  Slide a video top to bottom or bottom to top
  • Wave: Water type effect makes it seem like one music video “crashes” into another
  • Circle: Fade into a video “hole” effect


These are just the first video effects of many on our to-do list.  I can say with great confidence that the quality of our video effects are umatched in the video mixing software marketing place.  We are taking out time to get the video effects and transitions right.   There may be other DJ software and VJ solutions on the market today that include a few more effects, but I think you’ll find the quality of our effects far surperior for video mixing.

The Windows version of PCDJ DEX 2.5 is available for demo download from www.pcdj.com today, with the MAC version of DEX 2.5 available in less than a week.   I would highly suggest downloading a demo and taking it for a test spin.  I think you’ll enjoy the new video mixing capabilities emmencly!


Now back to the bat cave…