Master Your DJ Mix Free For A Limited Time With LANDR

master your DJ software mix with LANDR

For a limited time, use the free download of LANDR to master your DJ mixes created with DEX 3

LANDR is an online mastering service that, up until this week, has been aimed primarily at producers. The platform is well known to produce studio-level mastering with almost zero fuss or manual interaction – and now DJs can take advantage of it for a limited time completely free of charge.

LANDR has recently announced an updated version of the desktop app that targets DJs, who can use the free download (for now) with mixes you record with DEX 3 to produce polished studio-level mix downs. For DJs creating a ‘mix tape’ with the goal to provide to potential employers it’s an easy-to-use solution for creating a quality final mix.

The LANDR desktop DJ application allows DJs to drag in their DEX 3 recorded mix directly, which is when LANDR works its automated magic — quickly identifying each unique track used in your mix adding balance, volume normalization and more. On finalization, LANDR does a great jog of adding additional polish and sheen to the mix – creating a remarkable final mix down with sonic sweetness listeners will appreciate.

As noted, LANDR is only free for DJs for a limited time, make sure you grab it today!