Karaoke Software | LYRX 1.4 is Available — Now With Karaoke.net Store for In-App Purchases

LYRX 1.4 with Karaoke.net karaoke store

LYRX v1.4 is ready for download — now with built-in Karaoke.net karaoke store for on-the-go purchasing of karaoke songs!

LYRX is our latest and best karaoke software, and now you can browse, search, purchase, and download karaoke songs from the brand new in-app Karaoke.net store.

A vast selection of HD quality karaoke songs are available, in all genres and years. Songs can be purchased for only $2.49 from within the LYRX browser. The karaoke songs are downloaded to your hard drive and are yours to keep (Standard MP4 (HD files) or Zipped MP3+G). The in-app store means songs that aren’t already in your library are a click away so you can keep your singers singing.

Karaoke.net is provided by Party Tyme Karaoke, so you know the quality is always on-point and fresh tunes are available weekly.

You can download the free update for existing LYRX customers below (the following tutorial).

How-to Use the Karaoke.net Store in LYRX

Open up LYRX and locate the new “Karaoke.net” library tab located on the left side of the LYRX browser. Right-Click (MAC:  CTRL + CLICK) on the Karaoke.net text and select the “Log in” option.

If you don’t already have an active account on the Karaoke.net website, select the option to “Create Account”. You will be then asked to create an account (User name and password, etc).

After creating the account and logging in with your freshly created credentials, you can access the “Catalog” tab below the Karaoke.net tab to immediately view all available songs (up to the minute). The songs are also automatically added to the LYRX’s search cache so they will display in search results when performing searches.

For-Sale songs will appear with a check box to the far right of the track information. You can preview samples of Karaoke.net tracks by simply loading the track to the LYRX player section via drag and drop (you can preview a few seconds of any Karaoke.net track using this method).

Once you’ve located a song (or songs) you wish to purchase, place a “tick” in the box to the right of the track information as pictured above. This will add the song to the Shopping Cart. You can tick boxes for however many songs you wish to purchase and download at once.

Ready to checkout? Right-click (MAC: CTRL + CLICK) on the “Shopping Cart” tab below the Karaoke.net tab and select “Order Tracks (shopping cart)”.  This will bring up a form to type in your CC details to complete your purchase.

After typing in your CC details you can place your order. The purchased karaoke songs will download immediately and show a “check mark” next to the song to indicate the track is on your hard drive and ready to be played. Purchased karaoke songs will automatically be added to LYRX’s database/search cache and will also appear under the “Purchased” tab under the Karaoke.net tab. You will receive a receipt by email from Karaoke.net showing you the amount of the transaction.  Also, credit card details will be stored per-session, so you only need to punch in your CC details once per session.

New, Changed, and Fixed in LYRX v1.4

  • Karaoke.net online store integration
  • Better macOS Mojave compatibility
  • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes


Have questions about the latest 1.4 version of our LYRX karaoke software?  Please leave them in the comments section below!