About LYRX:

Host a better karaoke event with LYRX, the most professional and versatile karaoke software designed for MAC and Windows.

LYRX breathes life into your hosting experience, empowering you to play an array of karaoke formats, including mp3+G, zipped mp3+G, MP4, and a diverse range of video files. Never worry about managing the queue, our intuitive singer rotation list does it for you!

When hosting at a corporate event or vibrant karaoke party, LYRX is your digital maestro. With a mere click, you can load and play karaoke tracks. Enthrall your audience and make the lyrics come alive, projecting them onto a second screen for everyone to join the fun.

Imagine having a personal assistant on stage with you; LYRX’s suite of features works just like that! Adjust the key to match a singers pitch, locate tracks with instant search, and enjoy ‘no dead air’ with LYRX’s filler music player.

With built-in karaoke music subscription options from Party Tyme Karaoke (and store) and Karaoke Cloud, you’ll have optional access to a wealth of songs.

Keep track of your singing milestones and remember those magic moments with our singer/song history.

With our innovative ‘next singers’ screen and singer scroll , you’ll always know who’s up next. LYRX also includes a free-to-use remote singer/song request system (KSR), and a powerful track browser, enriching your karaoke experience whether you’re a pro KJ or a hard-core karaoke enthusiast.

LYRX isn’t just a karaoke software, it’s a revolution in entertainment! Say goodbye to the karaoke of yesterday, and embrace LYRX – the modern, dynamic, and engaging karaoke software for today’s discerning karaoke host. Your stage is set. Are you ready to rock with LYRX?

Key Features:

  • LYRX Supports These High-Quality Karaoke File Types: MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G, All Video Karaoke Files Such as MP4, AVI, DIVX, MOV, MKV and Flash (Including HD Versions!)
  • You can also play standard video files and audio tracks: mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg, cda, flac and more! (Non DRM)
  • iTunes Playlists are also automatically imported!
  • Optional in-app Karaoke subscription from Party Tyme Karaoke: Access an commercially legal library of 34,000+ HD karaoke songs directly in LYRX. Stream while connected to the internet or download the songs for offline use! ($49-a-month)
  • 32-bit Audio: With LYRX’s 32-bit Audio Engine, your karaoke tunes have never sounded better!
  • Send Lyrics Output To Secondary Display (Full Screen)
  • Robust Music File Browser With Lightning-Quick Search
  • Optional in-app Karaoke subscription from Party Tyme Karaoke: we’ve partnered up with Party Tyme Karaoke, the leading provider of pitch-perfect HD karaoke! Gain in-app access to a library of classic and brand new karaoke songs, with over 34,000 songs available right now and growing. The service is legal for public performance (commercial use license) and is $49-a-month after 7 day free trial.
  • Built-In Karaoke Song Store: Purchase karaoke songs on-the-fly from the new in-app PartyTyme.net store! Karaoke songs are available at $2.49 a track in HD quality. Browse, Search, Purchase, and Download karaoke songs from within the LYRX file browser so you never have to say “No” to singer song requests.
  • Sample Decks: Load up and trigger samples using the 6 built-in sample banks (trigger audio samples/jingles). Sample Decks can also be used with “LEARN” so you can map to key-strokes or midi controllers.
  • NEW “Kill Vocal”: Using our exclusive AIUnmixEQ™ technology, “Kill Vocal” isolates and eliminates the vocals on any audio or video track. Create instant backing tracks from any audio or video track!
  • Key Detection, Key Control, and Independent Tempo: LYRX will automatically detect the musical key of your karaoke songs so when you use the key stepper, or apply key changes to songs when added to the singer rotation list, you will be presented with the new/changed key of the karaoke track. Independent tempo control allows you to speed up or slow down the playing track without affecting pitch/key.
  • Singer/Song History: Singers and the songs they sing are recorded in singer history — including key changes when applied in the singer rotation list. Easily send singers and their songs back to rotation from singer history including key changes at future shows.
  • Next Singers Display: While the deck is idle and not playing a karaoke or video file, LYRX will display your next three singers from the top of the singers list on the preview screen (main display) and your secondary singers display. This informs your singers who’s next, so you you can avoid any potential questions about who’s turn it is to sing next. You can also enable “Singer Scroll” to display your upcoming singers, what song they will be singing, and any custom message you wish to share, which will appear across the bottom of the lyrics output window.
  • MIC Support With Recording: Use the microphone input on your audio interface to sing over top the playing audio in LYRX – you’ll hear it through your speakers along with the audio from the playing karaoke track. Record your mixed-output performance to share with friends! (If you’re not using a dedicated Audio Card with a microphone input then you can create a ‘virtual audio device’ on your MAC for Mic Support)
  • Create Text, Image And Video Overlays And/Or Backgrounds: Create stunning, multi-layered text, image, and video overlays in LYRX that you can output to screen 2 for your singers and audience to see. Use the feature for branding purposes (show your logo) or for any other visuals or messages you’d like to put on display.
  • Automatic Filler Music Player: No dead air! LYRX is equipped with an automatic filler music player (AKA bumper music player) that’s designed to automatically play regular music in-between singers and sets. Just load-up the toggled side-list with regular audio tracks and click play on the filler music player. When you stop the playing karaoke song or it ends the filler music player will fade in – start the karaoke song and it will fade out so the party vibe never stops!
  • KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) System: The KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) web-app allows you to easily host your karaoke songbook online (note: currently supports up to 100,000 songs), allowing your karaoke singers to browse and search your karaoke catalog and make song requests that you accept right inside the LYRX singer rotation list. Since it’s a web-app, any internet enabled device will work, such as the singers mobile phone, a tablet or laptop.