LYRX Karaoke Software | How To Import Music in the New Windows Edition (Video)

The video above showcases the all new Windows version of LYRX and how to import your karaoke music library into the browser.

We also demonstrate how to update the browser with new songs as they are added to your collection on your hard drive/external storage device.

LYRX is the new and feisty karaoke program on the market, disrupting the status quo and the tired, same ‘ol same ‘ol karaoke players that have been commonplace the last two decades. Birthed of DEX 3, our flagship “Mix Everything” DJ software, LYRX is modern, snappy, and performance oriented — and has native support for all video formats. Learn more at LYRXKaraoke.com.

Have questions about importing music into LYRX? Please leave them in the comments section below!