Watch LYRX ‘Karaoke Software for MAC’ Video Walk-Through

LYRX MAC Karaoke Software
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LYRX is modern, clean and nimble MAC karaoke software – unlike any other similar product on the market today. The video below provides a quick walk-through of LYRX’s karaoke hosting capabilities, and you can learn more and download a free trial on the LYRX website.

LYRX takes many of it’s design cues from DEX 3, PCDJ’s flagship DJ mixing software with years of updates and performance improvements included. LYRX has been designed to be light on it’s feat and ultra-responsive – just like a DJ requires when mixing music live.

The LYRX browser system can easily manage upwards of 800,000 karaoke files, providing you have the RAM to buffer the tag cache sufficiently. Search is always instant, not matter the size of your karaoke music library. Use search-string style searches so you can always find just the karaoke track you’re looking for.

LYRX has native support for MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G and almost all video formats, including the ever-growing in popularity MP4. Simply access the directory your tracks are in via the finder section of the browser and your track titles will display instantly so you can start hosting and singing without a lengthy and difficult import process.

Sending ‘lyrics only’ out to a second display/monitor using extended display mode on your MAC is also breeze to setup (showcased in the second video tutorial below).

A basic, and easy-to-use singers list is also baked in, allowing you to more effectively manage your singer rotation whether you’re at home with friends or hosting karaoke at your local watering hole.

LYRX breaks the mold of traditional, boring and clunky karaoke software. LYRX is MAC karaoke software for today’s karaoke enthusiast or budding host.

Watch LYRX Karaoke Software For MAC Walk-Through


How To Setup The Second ‘Lyrics Only’ Display

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