LYRX Karaoke Software For MAC | Download Version 1.1 Now With Party Tyme Karaoke Streaming!

LYRX Karaoke Software for MAC Update V1.1
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Version 1.1 of LYRX is now available for download — get it now below!

LYRX is modern karaoke software designed exclusively for MAC. Snappy, sleek and loaded with karaoke features you need without the overhead. LYRX for MAC is the “Ferrari of karaoke programs.”

Version 1.1, a free upgrade for existing LYRX customers, is here with a myriad of new features and performance improvements, most notably the new Party Tyme Karaoke streaming subscription service (also added to DEX 3 last week). Gain in-app access to a commercially legal library of 13,400+ HD karaoke songs, with more added weekly, that you can stream while online or download for offline use. Party Tyme Karaoke is the leading provider of pitch-perfect karaoke songs so we’re thrilled about our new partnership!

The commercial karaoke streaming subscription service is $99-a-month and can be subscribed to (with 7-day free trial) from directly inside the LYRX browser. Just right-click on the PT logo in the navigation browser pane to create an account and subscribe. Right click on a karaoke song and select “Download To Offline Tracks” — or simply search and load songs to stream.

Also new in LYRX version 1.1 is the ability to create stunning multi-layered text, image and video overlays that can be displayed on screen. Use the feature to showcase your logo, or anything else you like. Users can now link video files to audio-only songs to make sure something is always displayed on screen 2. You can also now showcase a custom background image or video loop behind the “next singers” display.  The new overlay and video link features help create a more visual experience for your singers and the audience.

One minor change that will surely be welcomed by LYRX users is that screen 2 is now “always-on-top”, so even if you minimize LYRX to access other apps or the like the screen 2 output will always remain visible.

Here’s What’s New, Changed And Updated In LYRX Version 1.1

  • Added Party Tyme Karaoke subscription service (with offline mode)
  • Added Video Graphics Overlays – add a logo, images, text, videos over the video output (accessible from the Video tab in Preferences)
  • Added link videos to audio tracks (eg. select a folder with videos that you can randomly assign to mp3s)
  • Added custom background (image or video) to Singers List
  • Video window (screen 2) is always-on-top (even when you minimize the app window)
  • Any tracks loaded will be marked as played (and added to History) only after about 20 seconds of actual playback
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes

Existing LYRX owners should download and install the free trial to overwrite and update their existing version (no activation required)

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Have questions about LYRX karaoke software for MAC, or the new Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription? Please leave them in the comments section below!