LYRX Feature Spotlight | Map Keyboard Shortcuts Using “LEARN”

IMPORANT NOTE: The instructions for using “LEARN” is at minute marker: 3:09

LYRX karaoke software - using LEARN

LYRX is our newest karaoke software for pro KJs that’s disrupting the status-quo. With DJ Software roots stemming from our DEX 3 technology, LYRX is a responsive, feature-rich karaoke program packaged in a modern interface. It’s also loaded with unique features not found in other karaoke show hosting applications.

In the video above we demonstrate the “LEARN” feature in LYRX, which allows karaoke hosts to map their own keyboard shortcuts with a couple button presses. Want the key-stepper function mapped to a your “1” and “2” buttons on your keyboard? Press “LEARN”, click the up arrow on the key-stepper on screen and then click the “1” button on your keyboard to map it. Do the same for the down arrow and “2” and their mapped. Click “LEARN” again to exit mapping and you’re all set!

Keyboard shortcuts often offer faster manipulation of functions over using a mouse. Check out the video above and start mapping key-strokes with “LEARN” in LYRX today!


Have questions about our LYRX karaoke software and how to use LEARN? Leave them in the comments section below!