LYRX Feature Spotlight | Filler Music Player

It’s often been said that “Dead Air is a DJs Worst Nightmare”. While maybe not that extreme, continuous gap-less playback of music unquestionably aides in keeping the right flow and atmosphere for any music-related event.

LYRX, PCDJ’s latest professional karaoke software solution that’s disrupting the status-quo, comes equipped with an ‘automatic filler music player’ to ensure there’s no dead air in playback.  Simply access the filler music list and drag-and-drop (or double-click) to add a selection of songs, click a play button, and that’s it — set it and forget it.  When your karaoke track ends or you stop the karaoke player manually the filler music player will fade in, and when you load/play the next karaoke song in the rotation list the filler music player will fade out.

LYRX karaoke software

While the filler music player is playing it automatically blends the in’s and out’s of each song in the filler music playlist, so even your filler music is gap-less.  Don’t like the current song that’s playing? Right-click on the filler music play button to start a smooth transition to the next track in the list.  Don’t worry about volume levels either — with “detect automatic gain” enabled in options songs will all playback within a decibel of each other.

The automatic filler music player is one of many professional features offered in LYRX ($79.99, including free updates and activation for 3 computers).  We have big plans for LYRX in 2020, so be sure to stay tuned into this blog to see what’s new and improved!  If you haven’t already, download a free trial of LYRX and take it for a test spin.


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