LYRX | Not Your Pappy’s Karaoke Show Hosting Software!

Why LYRX is the best karaoke software

LYRX is the newest member of the PCDJ product family and it’s disrupting the status quo.

LYRX, cross-platform karaoke software for both MAC and Windows, was introduced to the market for professional karaoke hosts (KJs) and karaoke venues a little over a year ago. Stemming from our DEX 3 DJ and video mixing software, LYRX was designed using the very latest in coding techniques and technology. LYRX has grown up a lot over the last 12 months, with the most recent 1.5 release introducing a number of features and tweaks to existing functionality designed to make the product more efficient and the karaoke hosts job easier.

Unlike many of the karaoke software mainstay’s, LYRX uniquely runs in it’s own environment, not unlike a ‘game’ does. It’s our code, and our own custom video/karaoke decoding system. This has quite a few benefits; no third-party or open source code to hold development cycles back being one, and no need for codecs to decode video files like MP4 being another. It also means development is rapid, and the same ‘code’ can be deployed to both MAC and Windows.

LYRX utilized RAM in a very modern method. Being a true 64bit application we use all that we need to ensure lightning quick searches and overall stability. That’s one reason why we recommend machines designed in the last 3-4 years (or what’s to come in the next 5-10).

Below is a short list of some of what differentiates between LYRX and ‘the field’. Please review, and you can learn more about LYRX and download a fully-functional free trial here.

10 Things That Make LYRX Karaoke Software Unique

  1. The LYRX audio/video/karaoke file browser supports one million tracks and can still search and filter the tracks instantly.
  2. LYRX is native 64bit on MAC and Windows, so it can use lot of available RAM for better performance and stability.
  3. Supports not only standard MP3+G/Zip files, but also all standard video formats — without the need for codecs. This includes mp4, mpeg, avi, mov, flv, mkv, wmv and more.
  4. Streamlined and intuitive user interface is easy to use and navigate
  5. Video features like text, image, and video overlays, “Shaders” for real-time visualizations, and video loops — none of which are found in any other karaoke-specific program.
  6. The HD GUI will dynamically size to any screen resolution so it looks brilliantly on even the highest-resolution displays.
  7. In-App support for both the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription and the song store (purchase karaoke songs within the application, on the fly).
  8. Automatic Gain Control adjusts output levels based on how the human ear detects loudness.
  9. LYRX will automatically detect musical key (and camelot scale key) and BPM
  10. FREE upgrades for life and activation for 3 computers with a single purchase (AND MORE!)