LYRX 1.7 Update Available for Download — Now with KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) System

LYRX Karaoke Software with Online Songbook System

Download the official public release of LYRX 1.7  – now with KRS (Karaoke Singer Request) System!

LYRX with KSR and Party Tyme

LYRX 1.7 is ready for download and as always, it’s a free update for LYRX KJs. Learn more and install the update below.

LYRX, our newest and most popular karaoke software for professional KJs, now supports the our new KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) System. Host your karaoke song book online and allow your singers to browse, search, and make song requests from their own mobile device. Since KSR is a web app, there’s nothing your singers need to install — just visit the ksr.pcdj.com URL and they can access your online karaoke songbook. Singer song requests pop up in LYRX’s singer rotation list.

Version 1.7 of LYRX also includes a much requested “Singer Scroll” feature that displays your upcoming singers across the bottom of the lyrics output display. The singer scroll doubles as a news ticker as you can display a custom message as well (Note: you can use it to display the URL for the KRS web app for your singers).

Also included are a number of performance improvement, optimizations for macOS Catalina and Windows 10, as well as bug fixes, most notable for some older zip file types that were causing issues for some hosts.

After extensive public testing on the PCDJ User Group, LYRX 1.7 is ready for live performance. We suggest LYRX customers update to 1.7 today!

What’s New, Changed, and Fixed in LYRX 1.7

  • KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) System: A seamless integration in LYRX, the new KSR system (currently capped at 100,000 songs) allows you to host your karaoke songbook online so singers can view, search, and make requests – as well as add to their own “favorites” folder and view the rotation queue.  Learn more about KSR and how to configure the system
  • Karaoke singers ticker/scroller (scrolled list of singers + custom message) with text color setting. Not only will this scroll your upcoming karaoke sings across the bottom of the screen, but you can add a custom message at the end (eg. display the ksr.pcdj.com web address for the new KSR request app, special drink offer, etc.) Example: Now Appearing: Ryan (Songname), Upcoming: Jane (Songname1), Joe (Songname2), Chris (Songname3) ** Tequila Shots $4 Until 9pm ** (This feature needs to be enabled under the karaoke settings tab in LYRX’s options).
  • Fixed issue with obscure karaoke zip files and video files causing crash on load to deck
  • Extensive optimizations, Performance improvements, and fixes (especially for macOS Big Sur)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive this warning “LYRX_1.7.pkg can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. this software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information” when installing to macOS Catalina please follow the steps on Apple’s website to install LYRX 1.7.


Have questions about the latest 1.7 version of our LYRX Karaoke Software or the new KSR Karaoke Singer Request system?  Please leave them in the comments section below!