LYRX 1.7 Release Candidate | Test the New Online Songbook Feature!

LYRX 1.7 with Karaoke Singer Request Online Songbook

A release candidate of LYRX 1.7 is available for download and it comes equipped with a new KSR (Karaoke Singer Requests) feature.

The online songbook feature, aka remote singer/song request system, allows karaoke singers to access your songbook from their own web enabled device and make song requests that pop up within the LYRX singer rotation list.

LYRX KSR Online Songbook

The new feature has a name: KSR, or “Karaoke Singer Request”, and we’re ready for more users to download and try it!

Also new in the 1.7 release candidate version of LYRX is a karaoke singers ticker/scroller (scrolled list of singers + custom message) with text color setting. Not only will this scroll your upcoming karaoke sings across the bottom of the screen, but you can add a custom message at the end (eg. wear your mask, special beer offer, etc) Example: Now Appearing: Ryan (Songname), Upcoming: Jane (Songname1), Joe (Songname2), Chris (Songname3) ** Wearing your mask is compulsory **.

Please note that this is a “Release Candidate” and features etc. are subject to change. This is also the ‘first release’ of the KSR system, with additional features coming after the initial launch. The total song count the system will host is caped at 100,000 songs for now, more than enough for most karaoke hosts, and eventually an affordable subscription option and tiers will be created.

Download and try LYRX 1.7 below and test out the new karaoke singer request system — the top feature request for LYRX over the last year is now a reality!

Download LYRX 1.7 below and install with your existing LYRX version closed to update now
(Click on the correct link below for your operating system):

Overview of how to use the new KSR System in LYRX 1.7 RC:

1) Open LYRX 1.7 and click the Options button. Under the “Karaoke” tab, click on the “Login to KSR” button.

2) Click on the “Register / Sign Up” Option.

3) Create your account and click “Register”.

4) Click on “Authorize”.

5) Select the karaoke song lists you wish to share with your singers (Karaoke Catalog for your own music (we’ll explain more below) and Party Tyme Subscription content if you’re a subscriber). You will be prompted to restart after each selection, but wait until each box is checked first.

6) Restart LYRX.

7) Add your own karaoke music to the “Karaoke Catalog” special list (located under Special Lists). You can select all your karaoke songs and drag/drop to the list to populate it, or only the karaoke songs you wish to share with singers (currently capped at 100,000 total songs). 

8) Go into LYRX’s options and under the “Karaoke” tab click the “Update KSR Songbook” button to sync your list of karaoke music. You will be asked to add a venue/songbook name. Create a unique name and click “OK”. 

9) You will be assigned a unique venue ID. It’s this ID number you share with your singers. Singer will need to go to ksr.pcdj.com and create a free account. They will then be prompted for your venue ID. Once they apply the ID they can view, search, and make request from your online karaoke song book.

10) When a singer submits a song request you will be notified in LYRX’s singer rotation list. Click “Accept” to accept the request and the singer/song will be submitted into rotation. That’s it! 


The screenshots displayed above are of the ‘KSR web app’ that your karaoke singers will use to access your online karaoke songbook and submit song requests. They simply need to visit ksr.pcdj.com and create a free account, type in your songbook ID, and they’re ready to browse, search, and send in requests. They also add songs to their own personal ‘Favorites” folder within the web app. Why a web app? No need for your singers to install iOS or Android apps — any web enabled device will work!

Please feel free to test the new KSR system with LYRX 1.7. If you have issues or suggestions, post them in the Official PCDJ User Group on Facebook (you will find a pinned thread regarding the new LYRX 1.7 Release Candidate – please post reports in that specific thread).

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  1. Desmond Atkinson
    Desmond Atkinson says:

    Songbook looks great, will there be a kiosk mode so I can use this on ipads I have setup without people having to log in?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks, Desmond. After the initial release of the KSR system we plan to poll our user group to see what we should update next in the app. I suspect kiosk mode would be high on the list of requests!

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