LYRX 1.4 | See How the New Karaoke.net Karaoke Store Works in LYRX (Video)

LYRX 1.4 with Karaoke.net baked in means never having to say “I don’t have that song, pick another” (Or at the very least, a lot less!).

LYRX is professional karaoke software for MAC — version 1.4 introduces in-app support for Karaoke.net. Karaoke.net is a product of Party Tyme Karaoke, the same provider of the $99-a-month in-app subscription service, which provides rented access to the entire Party Tyme catalog.  Karaoke.net is ideal for karaoke hosts that have existing karaoke libraries and simply need to purchase songs as needed.

Party Tyme offers a vast selection of karaoke songs in all genres and decades, with many popular titles in HD MP4 format. Songs run $2.49 a piece and are yours to keep after purchase and download.

Watch the video above for an overview of how the new Karaoke.net store works in LYRX 1.4 (or newer). If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below (or on our YouTube Channel).

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