There are many loyal users of our DJ Software…this is a big reason why.

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When the clock strikes midnight at years end PCDJ will officially have been in business for two decades.  That’s 20 years of creating world-class live performance DJ software and karaoke software products.

The key to our brands longevity in a highly competitive marketplace?

It’s not just our lack of complacency in a competitive field or staying true to our founding message to deliver products that make DJs lives easier. I won’t mince words. Those core company values have laid the foundation for our success. However, what we hear time and time again which has been paramount in retaining our loyal customers and spreading the PCDJ gospel by word-of-mouth…

Customer Service.

Throughout the years we’ve often used the term “technical sale” when discussing the sale of our DJ software products. It’s an education process. If a DJ understands how to use our software properly the software sells itself.

Pre-sales support is always a companies focus. We make sure both tech support and sales staff are available for phone calls and promptly returned email inquiries so that users of our free trials can have access to snappy and highly-trained support. Sure, pre-sales support is fairly commonplace among our competition (albeit not all of them). It’s the after-sales support that’s often lacking. They got your money already, and you’re on your own.

That’s simply not the case here at PCDJ HQ.

From top to bottom, myself included, Ryan Sherr, General Manager of Digital 1 Audio, we pride ourselves on being available and accessible to our users.  The world of computers is not always a friendly one and we understand that.  We want to help you navigate the potential pitfalls and ensure you’re optimized for live performance. That you’re confident you’ve got the tools you need to perform and the know-how to entertain in style. If you’re happy and making money using one of our products — it makes us happy.

And a byproduct of that happiness?  Your willingness to spread the PCDJ gospel among your colleagues.

It’s this reason why we’ve been successful. We care about our users. Even after the sale.


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  1. Boogieman34950
    Boogieman34950 says:

    I have played music for over 30yrs and with the help of Ryan & PCDJ they keep me at the top of my game!
    Ryan & PCDJ

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