Knowing How To Pick The Right Mobile DJ Speakers | #DJNTV Video

It’s all about the WATTS when it comes to selecting speakers that will fill the room with sound, right??  Not nearly as much as you think.

In the video below Ben Stowe of nlfxpro.com explains to DJNTV why watts shouldn’t be the deciding factor for purchasing DJ speakers for your Mobile DJ business.   So if not wattage, what?

Watts reflect how much electricity your speakers require to push out sound, so Ben makes the case for “efficiency” over watts — basically, how effective are the speakers in using the wattage supplied.  Decibels without distortion, horn dispersion, acoustic physics, frequency response, sound quality and atheistic, etc — Ben gives master class course on understanding what should factor into your speaker purchase so you can select the right speaker setup for our Mobile DJ business.

Watch Ben Stowe and DJNTV’s “How To Pick Speakers”