KJ Testimonial – Why I Quit Using Karaoke Cloud Pro

My Name is  Nikolas Albury, “Nikk” or “KJ Nikko” to my friends and business associates; I own and operate MEP Mobile Entertainment Professionals, an Entertainment Services Consortium. In our Network of providers, we provide all types of Entertainment and event services all over Southern California from DJ/Karaoke services, to Caterers, even Magicians and Photographers. Our mainstay, however, has been our DJ/ Karaoke services.

We began our Journey as a company back in October, 2012 and we were certain that getting off the ground with our Karaoke service was going to be the most difficult undertaking we could imagine… that was, until we were526443_10152552630945594_1796913284_n told by a friend in the karaoke business of  this Brand New, “Ground Breaking” Service called Karaoke Cloud Pro, which was directly integrated into PCDJ Karaoki (karaoke software).  MEP was PCDJ’s customer No. “8”, in on the ground floor of this amazing service that now has Literally Thousands of subscribers.

With this service, a one-time start up fee, and a very reasonable monthly service fee ($99 a month for access to 10,000+ songs), we were able to provide Legal, Quality Karaoke Music for our clients, without having to spend enormous amounts of money that we didn’t have on buying a ton of very expensive karaoke discs all at once simply to get started. This would literally “Buy” us the time we needed to build our karaoke music disc library while still being able to operate and function by providing our clients with 10,000 LEGALLY available songs that singers actually “enjoyed performing” at our venues. This, combined with a small initial investment in some previously-owned karaoke discs, helped us get our now thriving business off the ground. We now have a well-stocked library of karaoke discs and were able to discontinue our monthly service with PCDJ for this particular venue… but our Journey together has NOT stopped there…

  • Continued Support – Through our continued contact with PCDJ, as we expand our business to other contracted locations and venues, we can unsubscribe – re subscribe as needed to access the now even more extensive library of legal karaoke music for each new venue as we are now able to repeat this proven successful process with each new venue Location that we set up.  It’s the perfect program for any expanding or beginning karaoke company with the specific need of providing LEGAL, licensed karaoke music at their venues as needed while building their disc libraries for those venues.
  • Every business owner knows that money is tight when starting up a new business and every dollar spent has to have a purpose. PCDJ makes that easy to achieve with their Program. This Program definitely has the Business Owner’s needs in mind and, unlike so many other places… Each call to customer service will find a very helpful, attentive customer service rep on the other end ready, and more than capable of helping us find the solutions we immediately need to help our businesses succeed, even on Saturdays when we need that support the most.

I would highly recommend PCDJ to every DJ/Karaoke host wanting to get into the business or boost their business, who needs a good business “Partner” who is willing and able to help them with their most critical need… Music, but doesn’t want to have to spend an arm and a leg on Legal, Licensed Music for their venues. PCDJ makes it much easier to succeed in this business.

–  KJ Nikko


To learn more about Karaoke Cloud Pro and how it can help your karaoke business get off the ground, click HERE