Mixing Harmonically With DEX 3 DJ Software | Finding Key-Compatible Tracks Using Search

Key Detection And Searching By Key In DEX 3

Our top DJ mixing software, DEX 3, will automatically calculate a songs key and display the key in the browser. Key Detection helps DJs find tracks that not only match well tempo-wise, but also don’t clash melodically. Mixing songs harmonically will create a better listening experience for your fans.

If you enable ‘Key Detection’ under the general tab in DEX 3’s options while analyzing tracks (batch or single tracks) DEX 3 will automatically calculate both the modified Camelot Scale (pre /) and musical key (post /). Both keys is displayed in the DEX 3 browser, near BPM.

Once you ‘see’ the key displayed next to your tracks in the DEX 3 browser you can swiftly search them.

Using the search bar (box) in DEX 3, begin by typing in the letter “k” followed by the number of the key — this will locate and display all songs in that same key. Since DEX 3 calculates and displays both musical note annotations as well as a simple number system in which the track with key no. 4, for e.g., is compatible with songs in the keys 3, 4 and 5. If faced with a key of “4m” you are dealing with a minor note that is harmonically compatible with a track key of the same number.

DEX 3 Key Detection

Thus, typing in the search bar “k5 b129” is ‘tellingDEX 3 to “Display all the tracks in the 5th major key that have 129 BPM”.

The steps above will help you rapidly locate tracks in your DEX 3 library of similar or matching key so your mixes will sound as harmonically tight as possible – with interwoven melodies that sound like they’re ‘meant to be played together’.

Additionally, DEX 3 can change a tracks’ key on-the-fly in order to harmonically sync with another by using the key stepper buttons (which work in semitones, from 1/4th semitone to 1 full-step) located in the pitch fader section of each deck. You can also change the key-step range under the “General” tab in DEX 3’s options.

Using Automatic Key-Detection In DEX 3

How-To Search For Songs Of The Same Key In DEX 3

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