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KaraoQuest is a new iPhone/iPad app that allows singers to browse, search and request songs from their own device that pop-up in Karaoki via local network – and best of all, it’s free (yes, with ads).

Karaoke Song requests on iPhone

Unlike the currently supported SongBookDB request system, KaraoQuest exclusively works via local area network. This is ideal for KJs working in remote areas where internet may not be an option for the host or singers.

Allow singers to use their own phone to browse, search and make song request that automatically display in the “remote connections” section of Karaoki, or setup an iPad as a song book kiosk for all your singers to use.

Martin Picard created KaraoQuest after attempting to use the old ‘Remote Request Terminal’ desktop application we released for Karaoki years ago (which hasn’t been updated since, as we began integration with SongBookDB as an internet-based alternative).  Martin quickly found that the Remote Request Terminal didn’t play nicely with newer machines running Windows 10, so he put his app development skills to work creating KaraoQuest.

While it’s a ‘no-frills’ song request app we find it works exactly as advertised, so it’s truly a capable option for Karaoki KJs.

Here’s how the apps author explains the benefit of KaraoQuest:

For Karaoke Hosts:

  • No more dealing with paper songbooks
  • No more updating a public song case
  • What you have in your case is what becomes available dynamically
  • No more paper requests

For Singers:

  • No more waiting for the songbook or the request kiosk
  • No more holding up the queue while you search for songs


Here’s How The KaraoQuest iOS App Works

For KJs (easy setup instructions):

  • Open PCDJ Karaoki
  • In ‘Remote Connections’, make sure
    – ‘Remote Enabled’ button is activated
    – ‘Remote case’ to be shared is selected

For Singers:

Basic Mode – Step 1
Enter the IP address of the Karaoke host (provided by host to singer)
KaraoQuest singer requests step 1

Step 2 – Search Song
Browse or search through the song list and select a song for request.

Browsing And Searching Song KaraoQuest

Step 3 – Request Song
Enter your name and press confirm request to send the request to the PCDJ Karaoki host.

Requesting Songs From KaraoQuest App



13 replies
    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Michael, do you mean windows phones? The developer suggested he would be looking at Android next, not sure about Windows phones. To be clear, this is an app for iOS to send in requests to Karaoki through a local network, and it wasn’t created by us – but by a customer!

  1. Paul Sammon
    Paul Sammon says:

    I can’t log in. Keep getting a message “Karaoki Host not found”
    Since it’s not yours, Ryan, where can I direct my query to get help?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Paul – to be sure: both your phone and your computer are connected to the same local network? you have enabled remote connections in Karaoki’s options, and selected the case from the drop down menu you wish to share? Then you should type in the IP and connect. If so and it’s still not connecting, you can share issues/comments with the KaraoQuest developer in THIS FORUM THREAD

  2. RD
    RD says:

    Sounds like a PERFECT alternative to the horrible SongbookDB setup! We will be using this app, can you create it so that it works with android users as well? A paid version with no ads? Real interested and can market to the rest of the KJs in the NW of USA… thanks!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Wow, curious what didn’t you like about SongBookDB? We’ve had very good feedback since we launched support for it – it’s much more robust (Feature wise) than KaraoQuest. Never had any connection issues with it, and the bonus features like shout out, buzzing the customers phone, etc are very nice additions.

      You can chat with the KaraoQuest developer HERE in the KaraoQuest thread on our user forums.

      • Danny
        Danny says:

        I know you were speaking to RD but I would like to add that I found SongBookDB to be very complicated. I have been using the old request station for a long time and am excited about the newest request option. I need simple and reliable. In my experience I don’t have a ton of time to set up and get started so asking potential singers to download an app for their phone and/or creating accounts and so forth is out of the question. Most of my venues are not ‘Karaoke’ venues but simple bars or private events hosting karaoke for the night. Anyway having a few old ipads as kiosk systems will be perfect for my gigs. Lastly being a KJ is not my full time job. I realize I am not your target market. With that being said I cannot justify monthly subscriptions and really hope that when the ad free version is available it will be a one time purchase like karaoki & Dex3 respectively. I’m more than happy to pay top dollar for quality apps and software like Karaoki and Dex3.

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          Thanks! I think the tutorials songbookDB put together for getting started with the system are fantastic guides. Export your cases as TSV, upload to songbookDB, create your venues and hours of availability and assign your song list to the venue/gig. Log in via the songbookDB request plug in and you’re ready to receive requests. Since singers can log in with Facebook or manually, it’s pretty straight forward.

          With that said it does take some time to get singers “used to it” etc – and agreed it’s not for all markets. I agree KaraoQuest offers a simple, local network “kiosk” alternative (although songbookDB has a “kiosk mode”)

          Thanks again for the feedback!

      • Sandra Rivas
        Sandra Rivas says:

        I agree with Ryan. Songbook DB had many great features for gigs at venues. I love Karaoquest for House Karaoke Parties where an iPad or 2 can be used comfortably due to limited guests. Depending on gig size, both are fully functional.

      • Tyler
        Tyler says:

        I had a ton of issues with DB. App Crashes, adobe air versions, and more. It was not user friendly at all.

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          Thanks Tyler, that’s certainly interesting, and I’m sorry to hear it. I haven’t seen but a few minor support tickets regarding SongbookDB issues; I would think your issue is likely due to some environmental conflict. I have seen adobe air, in general, cause some grief for customers.

          While their is quite a bit to “setup” songbookDB correctly, it’s pretty automated once you upload your song list and create your gig (assign your list) and hours. The video tutorials sent after signup really guide you through it all as well.

          We have KaraoQ launching soon. I would invite KJs to try with Karaoki as another internet-based remote request system with some very unique features.

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