New In Karaoki Version 0.8.6368 | Karaoke Cloud Pro ‘Sub-Cases’

Karaoke Subscription Sub-cases in Karaoki
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Version 0.8.6368 of our top karaoke software became available for download a few days ago. Among what’s new-and-improved, “sub-cases” have been added under the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription case tab.

Users of PCDJ Karaoki that subscribe to the commercially legal karaoke subscription service are greeted with new ‘sub-cases’ that display when the main ‘Karaoke Cloud Pro’ case is double-clicked on the navigation pane in the browser. Therefore, instead of having the three different types of included media displayed in one massive case (list), subscribers are presented with three new sub-cases:

  • ‘No Lyrics’ | Digitrax Entertainment, the providers of the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service, include an additional 4000+ karaoke backing tracks as a ‘bonus tracks’. The backing tracks are songs without the lead vocal but also without on-screen lyrics. Great for singers that know the song well enough they don’t need the visual guide and for solo artists, but not so much for traditional karaoke. Because they are now separated into their own sub-case subscribers that won’t use them never have to view or download them.
  • ‘Trivia’ | Useful filler material for KJs, Karaoke Cloud Pro includes over 100 (and counting) Karaoke Music Trivia files. Designed to increase engagement between songs, all included Karaoke Music Trivia Q and A’s are based on the Karaoke Cloud Pro catalog. Subscribers get 20 additional Karaoke Music Trivia’s each month, which will exclusively appear under the ‘Trivia’ sub-case.
  • ‘With Lyrics’ | The meat and potato’s of the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription, this is your library of karaoke music that display on-screen lyrics when played. With them in their own sub-case it makes it easy for new-subscribers to batch-download all and only the karaoke songs with on-screen lyrics. fifty additional karaoke songs are added each-and-every Friday to this list which appear in a different color — making it a cinch for subscribers to identify and download the freshly added tunes.

With the freshly implemented sub-cases in the Karaoki browser it’s even easier for karaoke hosts that subscribe to Karaoke Cloud Pro to select and download just the content that they need, and nothing that they don’t.  Just another reason why it’s the best karaoke subscription service for professional KJs and karaoke bars!

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